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A spinal cord injury which is also referred as SCI is a damage to the spinal cord or back bone in humans that can cause into number of disabilities. There are basically two main causes of having spinal cord injury; getting caught in some kind of accident or external physical injury or having disease including Polio, Spina Bifida and Friedreich’s Ataxia. It’s very important to state here that spinal cord injury is completely different from ruptured disks, spinal stenosis and piched nerves. The spinal cord in humans is covered with a pipe shape bones in order to provide protection from severe injuries so unless the internal cord is damaged, the injury to the external bones don’t called SCI.
Signs and symptoms of spinal cord injury:

  • In case you were caught in an accident, the most common symptom is having severe pain in back and neck with every little moment.
  • Having difficulty in breathing or feeling like something is placed in your throat and you can’t inhale properly.
  • If there is no accident or physical injury involved, then most important symptom includes having no feeling of temperature variations.
  • It includes lack of control on your bladder.
  • With spinal cord injury, you can’t perform sexual activities as a normal person.
  • As your nerves are damaged in the injury, having stinging feelings.
  • Some kind of discomfort in respiratory system due to having lungs problem in the injury.
  • Numbness in lower parts of your body including legs, feet and toes.

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