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Air India pilot tests positive for COVID-19 after carrying 164 passengers from New Delhi to Sydney

A pilot who flew 164 passengers on a select flight from New Delhi, India to Sydney, Australia has been tested positive for the coronavirus upon landing in Sydney on June 20. Air India’s authorities claimed that the passenger was tested four days before operating the flight – upon which he was found to be in...Read More

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A word on the hotel quarantine conditions in Australia

While not all Australian citizens are comfortable with measures taken by the Federal and State Health Ministry to curb the spread of Coronavirus, it looks like most citizens are grateful for the hotel quarantine conditions provided to them by the government. Most citizens are appreciating and welcoming the restrictions stipulated by the government to contain...Read More

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Australia’s unemployment rate is about to be doubled. How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the job market severely (and why it might get worse)

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg recently revealed that he is concerned about the jobless rate and the financial situation of thousands of Aussies. So far, more than 800,000 people have signed up in hopes of getting some financial aid from the government’s ‘JobKeeper’ funds. Will it get a lot worse before it gets any better? What the...Read More