A word on the hotel quarantine conditions in Australia

 A word on the hotel quarantine conditions in Australia

While not all Australian citizens are comfortable with measures taken by the Federal and State Health Ministry to curb the spread of Coronavirus, it looks like most citizens are grateful for the hotel quarantine conditions provided to them by the government.

Most citizens are appreciating and welcoming the restrictions stipulated by the government to contain the spread of the virus. Since the state closed its borders, all residents coming abroad are forced to a two-week compulsory quarantine. This is geared towards controlling the spread of the deadly virus, and it has worked for now.

With less than 7000 reported cases, 95 deaths, and an average below 20 new infections a day, the quarantine program has curbed the spread of the virus.

At the start, hotel isolation restrictions were met with widespread online outrage from incoming citizens. Australians were not sure if the government will be able to provide safe and sound conditions for the quarantined people, especially consistently.

Initially, the hotels struggled to maintain their food quality standards, as did citizens with the restriction of not being able to go out. However, with time, meals have drastically improved.

Endless concerns are brought up every day, and there are many stories and scenarios where hotels had to improvise to keep up the standards. But in the end, things seem to be going well for the quarantined in Australia.

Now, let’s have a quick word on the challenges that transpired in the last few weeks, and how the government tackled them.

COVID-19 patients were being denied from receiving visitation


Instances of family members being denied the chance to see their sick family members is never a pleasant sight. In one example, a man in Perth was denied the opportunity to see his wife who was in a critical condition. Federal authorities have prohibited families from coming into contact with their infected family members. 


Australians have complained of these restrictions. As a result, there have been calls for reforms on quarantine restrictions and the government is making some changes to make sure visitation rights are improved.

hotel quarantine conditions in Australia

Accessibility to medical intervention


Complaints about the lack of prompt and adequate medical care during quarantine are prevalent and everyday news. Lack of proper communication between hotel staff and medical teams have been blamed for this confusion.


Recently, the WA Health Minister confessed that lack of communication has led to the failure of robust medical and emergency service delivery, adding that they have taken prompt action on the same.

Overall living conditions


There are vast of stories and real-life scenarios where hotel conditions were called stressful. Calls for support, especially for vulnerable people, have been made by activists.


The state stipulates the restrictions apply to every person, but this is not the case. Just recently, Billionaire Kerry Stokes and his wife were given exemptions to spend quarantine time at their home.

This is a situation that is delicate and dangerous. The government will have to keep applying strict measures. While initially, it looked like the conditions will turn inhumane because of an abundance of patients and lack of staff, things are improving at a rate that is acceptable by most citizens. Let’s hope that we can beat the pandemic together.

Mary May

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