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Made in India Magazine | September 27, 2021

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Posts ByMary May, Author at Made in India Magazine

5 Strange Places on Earth Where Gravity Doesn’t exist

July 8, 2021 |

Gravity on Earth is responsible for keeping everything on the ground and preventing man and objects from floating aimlessly in the air. Without gravity, we wouldn’t exist. The law of gravity was propounded by Isaac Newton, and for gravity … Read More

Australian Economy To Take A $400 Billion Hit Due To COVID-19

November 3, 2020 |

The whole world is anticipating a massive recession, and Australia is most likely to take a $400 billion hit if lockdown is stretched for another six months. No positive cases have been reported from four Australian states, but Barnaby … Read More

Air India pilot tests positive for COVID-19 after carrying 164 passengers from New Delhi to Sydney

June 24, 2020 |

A pilot who flew 164 passengers on a select flight from New Delhi, India to Sydney, Australia has been tested positive for the coronavirus upon landing in Sydney on June 20.

Air India’s authorities claimed that the passenger was … Read More

A word on the hotel quarantine conditions in Australia

June 19, 2020 |

While not all Australian citizens are comfortable with measures taken by the Federal and State Health Ministry to curb the spread of Coronavirus, it looks like most citizens are grateful for the hotel quarantine conditions provided to them by … Read More

The COVID-19 restrictions are bleeding 4 billion dollars per week from the Australian economy

May 12, 2020 |

If you ever wondered how enormous the financial impact of coronavirus on Australia is, here it is – the restrictions on business, trade, transport, tourism, and pretty much everything else is causing huge drains from the economy. The drainage … Read More

How to Fix a Broken Marriage And Save Your Relationship

February 18, 2020 |

When you are a child and dream of your “happily ever after,” it never dawns on you that your marriage might not end up that way. I mean, let’s face it – all the Disney movies in the world … Read More

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