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Timeless Wisdom: Leadership Lessons from Sita and Draupadi for Today’s Women

In an era where female empowerment is increasingly in the spotlight, it’s worth revisiting the lessonsimparted by iconic figures from mythology. Renowned author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, who hasdelved deep into the lives of Sita and Draupadi through her bestsellers, offers a fresh perspective onhow these ancient characters hold relevant lessons for modern women leaders. Sita:...Read More

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Top romantic novels by Indian authors that you should not miss

Love, this four-letter word, has an all-encompassing significance in everyone’s life but seldom does one find that person with whom they can be themselves. More often than not, people find themselves in relationships that seem to initiate with a promising future, but it starts to fizzle out down the years. Consequently, they begin to question...Read More


TALIBAN’S MALEVOLENT THREAT – Beginning of Another Terror Regime

Taliban recently made a disturbing declaration, saying that Australian troops who were killed in Afghanistan deserved to die. Ahmadullah Wasiq, Deputy Head of the Taliban’s Cultural Commission, added that Australian soldiers deserved their fate because of the decision to follow America into the Afghan war. Wasiq was indifferent to the 41 Australian soldiers who lost...Read More

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Australia Not Even In Top 100 When It Comes To Vaccine Rollout

CoronaCheck is the weekly email newsletter of RMIT ABC Fact Check, designed to fight the wrong information infodemic about the COVID-19 outbreak. Recently, Mark Butler, the federal Labor’s spokesman for Health, was contacted to ascertain Australia’s position concerning other countries regarding the coronavirus vaccine rollout. While speaking on the ABC’s RN Breakfast program, Mark Butler...Read More

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Narendra Modi Stadium: What’s The Big Deal!

Many past prime ministers of India have had monuments, buildings, or other public infrastructures named after them. Some examples include Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport and Lal Bahadur Shastri Dam. The current prime minister has now joined his predecessors with the formerly named Sardar Patel Stadium, now known as Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium. The more popular...Read More



Also known as Jodhpuri Mirchi Vada, this spicy street food of North India is particularly popular in Rajasthan, Gujarat and MP. During the monsoons, people love gorging on ‘just out of the pan’ Mirchi Vadas sizzling with spices. It is made by stuffing green peppers with fiery aaloo (potato) filling. Serve vada with tangy tomato chutney or simply enjoy it with plain white bread. Read More