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Diplomatic perspectives – Australia and Israel on witnessing India’s electoral process

The world’s largest democracy is gearing up for another monumental electoral exercise, and international eyes are keenly focused on India. Notably, Australia’s envoy has expressed an eager anticipation to experience India’s elections first-hand. This sentiment is echoed by Israeli diplomat Tammy Ben-Haim, who has praised India, describing it as her “favourite largest democracy in the...Read More

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India and Australia – A global bond of strength

India and Australia, two nations with distinct histories and geographies, have forged a unique and robust partnership that extends far beyond their borders. Their collaboration, rooted in shared values and strategic interests, has transformed into one of the most formidable global bonds. In this article, we delve into the multifaceted relationship between India and Australia,...Read More

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Indian Diaspora Success Stories: The Global Achievers

The Indian diaspora, spread across the world, has made significant strides in diverse fields. From business and science to arts and politics, Indians have left an indelible mark on the global stage. This article celebrates a few of these success stories, underscoring the profound impact of the Indian diaspora. Satya Nadella, Technology Satya Nadella, the...Read More

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Rishi Sunak – From an Immigrant’s son to United Kingdom’s first Indian British Prime Minister

On October 24 (Monday), British Politician Rishi Sunak won the election and became the Conservative Party leader and Britain’s next Prime Minister. Besides, his rival Penny Mordaunt did not succeed in securing hundred mandatory nominations from her fellow M.P.s, after which she retreated from the elections. As a result, Mr Sunak became the new PM...Read More

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Indian-origin Scientists behind one of the most advanced telescopes

Indian-origin scientists have played a significant role in astronomy and science; the recent invention of a telescope further proved this. For instance, NASA’s new James Webb Space Telescope showed the deepest images of the universe; it showed the colourful galaxies, nebulas and Jupiter’s moon. However, a lot of hard work went behind the successive invention...Read More

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Namit Malhotra, the Indian man behind Oscar-winning Dune’s visual effects

A sprawling and majestic desert is the backdrop of the movie, Dune, which won six Oscars and is based on Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel. The film depicts a tale where the wealthy overlords battle over mineral resources in an expansive sandy region. The area is hostile and dangerous with unpredictable desert storms and gigantic sandworms,...Read More