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TALIBAN’S MALEVOLENT THREAT – Beginning of Another Terror Regime

 TALIBAN’S MALEVOLENT THREAT – Beginning of Another Terror Regime

Taliban recently made a disturbing declaration, saying that Australian troops who were killed in Afghanistan deserved to die. Ahmadullah Wasiq, Deputy Head of the Taliban’s Cultural Commission, added that Australian soldiers deserved their fate because of the decision to follow America into the Afghan war. Wasiq was indifferent to the 41 Australian soldiers who lost their lives, stating they “should” have been killed- An unsurprising response from the Taliban.

Anthony Albanese, the Australian Labor leader, came out to say these comments prove the Taliban is the same cruel regime that controlled Afghanistan from 1996 until late 2001. In late 2001 they were forced to flee Kabul when their government collapsed due to heavy air bombardment from the US and NATO and Northern Alliance forces on the ground following 9/11. During that last reign of terror, they banned all national news, media, and entertainment. Women were not allowed to go to work or school. In addition, they had to wear the Burqa and had to have a male companion from their families when going out. Also, rules for men were implemented; having a beard, wearing a turban and hat, as well as not being allowed to wear western-style clothing. The Taliban banned everything from art, cultural pursuits, television to photography.

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, attended a news conference recently wherein he announced around 3500 people evacuated from Afghanistan had been brought to Australia. Of those evacuated, approximately 75% are women and children. Morrison also announced remaining Australian troops, numbering around 200, arrived back in Australia. Nobody wants to stay in Afghanistan now that the murderous regime is back in power.

Evidence of their old ways is apparent with Wasiq’s revelation that women would be banned from participating in most sports, namely, cricket or sports where they may be exposed. The inaugural cricket Test between Australia and Afghanistan, scheduled for November 27th in Hobart, looks certain to be scrapped as a result. Especially as Cricket Australia said, it would have no choice but to cancel the event if women’s cricket was outlawed by the Taliban. However, Australian Sports Minister, Richard Colbeck, called upon the International Cricket Council to take a stand against the Taliban and welcome the cricket players, albeit not under the Taliban flag.

Fortunately, Australian involvement in Afghanistan appears to be at an end. The Australian Embassy in Kabul was closed on May 28th last year. In addition, the last ADF personnel and Australian diplomats left in June of this year. Following the recent fall of Kabul, 3 RAAF aircraft and 250 personnel evacuated Australians along with many Afghans who assisted the Australian forces in Afghanistan. It is not how the Australian soldiers wanted their occupation to end, but the worldwide consensus is that the 20-year war must come to an end. Unfortunately, this will bring misery to those who remain under Taliban control.

Sneha Smriti

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