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Tips to choose the best travel insurance plans

 Tips to choose the best travel insurance plans

A travel insurance company is very important in your list while traveling, because it insures you against mishaps that may happen during your trip. It provides free-of-cost hospitalisation and if required, covers the evacuation cost as well. It makes sure to help you through in cases such as loss of checked-in baggage or passport, trip cancellations and personal liabilities.
Good things about travel insurance plans are that it pays for legal support in any kind of financial emergency. So, by spending a few hundred bucks, you not only insure yourself against financial disaster, but also ensure that you get the best possible service.So, when choosing your travel insurance company and plans, make sure of the following.
Longer stays mean higher premium. If you are a frequent flyer or corporate traveler, go for annual multi-trip policies to save a few more dollars. These plans are valid for a year and cover any number of trips abroad, each trip of upto 30-45 days.
Since medical cover is the main feature of travel health insurance, you should decide the sum to be insured on the basis of expensiveness of medical services in the place you are travelling to.
Your travel insurance company also offersburglary and fire insurance for your house for the days when you are travelling. For travelers who visit more than one city or country in a single trip, there are the added perks of ‘missed connection’ covers in your international travel insurance. The travel insurance companies shall also provide bail bond insurance in case you are arrested abroad.
We advise you to always compare the plans and refrain from choosing entirely on the basis of sum insured and premium. And you should always be prepared to make a claim if it is necessary.
Last but not the least,read the claim procedures thoroughly without missing any detail. Make sure that you have all the required documents ready, and save the helpline numbers of your travel insurance companies on your phone, just in case if you need their assistance at some point of time.

Sunny Pathak

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