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Top romantic novels by Indian authors that you should not miss

 Top romantic novels by Indian authors that you should not miss

Love, this four-letter word, has an all-encompassing significance in everyone’s life but seldom does one find that person with whom they can be themselves. More often than not, people find themselves in relationships that seem to initiate with a promising future, but it starts to fizzle out down the years. Consequently, they begin to question their choices, wondering what went wrong; some take accountability, while others prefer to play the blame game.

Famous American writer Henry Miller said, “The only thing we never get enough of is love, and the only thing we never give enough of is love.” The statement stands true in every sense of the word. For instance, if I were to ask you about your first love, that might take you down memory lane and bring a smile to your face or bring back flashes of incidents you want to forget.

Nevertheless, whatever conclusion was of your past romances, it wouldn’t possibly stop you from looking for love. Why? Because irrespective of bad and embittered experiences, we all seek companionship; someone to ask us, “how was your day” or have a heart-to-heart chat when things are not going well.

In the meanwhile, how about helping yourself to some dose of literary romance? Valentine’s day may be over, but that does not necessarily mean that you can’t engulf yourself with love through literary inspiration. Written below are some of the top romance books by prolific Indian authors that you might want to read at least once.

“Write me a love story” by Ravinder Singh.

Ravinder Singh, known for writing emotionally moving and evocative romantic stories, came out with his eleventh book last year. “Write me a love story” is a story set in the Indian publishing industry, which is distinctive. PaperInk, a new publishing house, is determined to add a renowned author to their list; hence, they approach Abhimanyu Razdan. Abhimanyu, the best selling author, is one of the two characters around whom the story revolves.

Unlike the sensitive and emotional men he writes about in his books, Abhimanyu is egotistical and arrogant to a certain extent. Even before his first official meeting with the publishing house, he gets into an argument with Asmita, the literary fiction editor at PaperInk. Asmita apologises later when she gets to know that he is the new author that the company has signed in, but Abhimanyu is still dissatisfied.

Abhimanyu is primarily offended when he finds out that Asmita looks down upon popular fiction, the kind that he writes. Hence, he vows to turn her life upside down by jeopardising her career, but little does he know what will happen.

If you believe in opposites attract, this book is undoubtedly a testament to that.

“Can’t quarantine our love” by Sudeep Nagarkar.

If the book’s title sounds quirky to you, wait till you read the book, which is about letting yourself give a chance to love. “Can’t quarantine our love?” tells the story of Pihu, an introverted Punjabi girl who prefers to be by herself engrossed within books. She is a career-oriented girl who does not want to get distracted by anything, and she believes true love is a myth. So when she meets her new neighbour, Akash, a quintessential fun and outgoing person, his behaviour irks her. He is everything that she finds loathsome, but he is instantly drawn to Pihu on their first meeting by a twist of fate. In contrast, she wants nothing to do with him, who seems to ruin her chances of securing a top position in college.

A series of miscommunications creates further issues, but all of these events only serve to create an unlikely bond between the two.

“A touch of eternity” by Durjoy Dutta

If the name Durjoy Dutta does not ring a bell, then you’ve been ignoring the varied number of books he has written on the romantic life of young Indians. His recently published” a touch of eternity” tells the story of Druvan and Anvesha. Both of them were born on the same day and time, giving a literal sense to the word “soulmates”.

Their parents are against their relationship and refuse to accept their togetherness, and try to tear them apart at every chance they get. Finally, however, they go against their parent’s wishes and decide to take a step further to be united. Taking advantage of the advanced scientific experiments, they decide to combine their soul and bodies in one of the experiments.

“When love came calling” by Preeti Shenoy

Is staying in love as easy as falling in love? So is Preeti Shenoy’s theme in the book “when love came calling”. The story is more than the typical “run off the mill” opposites attract romantic love story; it is about coming to terms with reality.

The story is centred around Puja, a 19-year-old girl who lives her life on her terms. She is carefree and chaotic, so her mother sends her to a remote village in Kerala to do some voluntary work and attain a sense of responsibility.

Arush, a 20-year-old studious boy born and raised in Britain, is the stark opposite of Puja. He goes to the exact location after being selected for an international program. When they meet, they discover the difference within each other but gradually fall in love as they get to know each other.

But all does not go well when they encounter a disaster and get embroiled in dangerous situations. While facing the harsh realities of life, can Arush and Puja fight together and expose the truth? Can their love survive the challenging circumstances?

“What are we doing about Zoya” by Anisha Bhatia

“What are we doing about Zoya” is a story about 26-year-old Zoya who is overweight, independent and unmarried. In a society that values girls and women by their age and body type, she stands on the verge of being undesirable. But her parents manage to arrange her marriage after relentless matchmaking, which stands in the way of her dream job in New York City that she got offered.

Zoya is in quite a pickle, as she needs to make the most significant decision of her life. “When loves came calling” is a delightful story about how Zoya traverses through Indian traditions and create her path.

Sneha Smriti

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