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A Treat for your Senses – Literally!

 A Treat for your Senses – Literally!

Modern science does not believe that there is anything, which can be termed as an aphrodisiac. But ancient wisdom from all parts of the world narrates a different story. There are so many historical evidences related to various fruits, herbs and other eatables, which are acknowledgedfor their influence on increased sexual desire and abilities. Some of these aphrodisiacs are suggestive in shape while others possess an arousing sensuous aroma. Some raise the body temperature while some offer an instant boost of energy.
Avocado–Avocados are known for their nutritional properties such as protection from certain types of cancers, prevention of heart diseases and improved vision; but another sinfully amazing property this fruit has, is its aphrodisiac property. The Aztec Empire used to call avocados ‘ahuacuatl’ or ‘testicle tree’. They thought the shape of the fruit resembles human testicles. In Spain the fruit was banned because of the same reason. Today, the fruit is being used in studies related to erectile dysfunction and problems with sexual arousal.
Chocolate covered Berries–Montezuma used to drink 50 cups of cocoa each day in order to remain re-energized for his harem, which had more than 500 women. Chocolate is a popular aphrodisiac, which contains small amount of a chemical, Phenyl Ethylamine (PEA), which flows in the veins of people who are very much in love. Dip some fresh, seasoned berries in chocolate, and you will notice your blood circulation increasing. This succulent combo can literally get your blood pumping.
Oysters–One of the most evocative culinary symbols of passion. Oysters, when presented discerningly, can arouse your sexual desires. But that’s not all – besides their attractive appearance, oysters arebelieved to be powerful aphrodisiacs. They are rich in zinc content, which helps in sperm production and increasing libido. Prepare an oyster rich meal for your loved one and enjoy a luxurious and healthy treat together.
Raw Meat–Desire for sex is a primal instinct. Similarly, there is something animalistic about stuffing your mouth with a big chunk of raw meat. Red meat is a very effective aphrodisiac, since it causes men to produce testosterone, the male hormone, responsible for their abilities to function sexually. The French, Italians and the Spaniards truly understand the erotic properties of raw meat. Delicacies such as Carpaccio, Steak Tartare, Ceviche, Carne Cruda and KibbehNayehare prepared with raw meats and really bring out the animal in you.
Gin–Someone once said, “Gin makes you Sin”. Alcohol anyway helps in reducing inhibitions and when you are enjoying a perfectly mixed martini, looking like an international spy, not just you, but everyone around you will have increased sensuouscravings.
Asparagus–This wicked vegetable is known to stir up lust in both, men and women. In the 19th century France, bridegrooms were served 3 courses of this vegetable at their prenuptial dinners since asparagus is a wonderful source of potassium, folic acid, fibre, vitamin B6 and thiamine. Folic acid in particular, is said to boost histamine production, which plays an important role in reaching orgasm.
Bananas–The shape of this fruit calls for an obvious connection with sexuality, but bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin B, both are the key ingredients needed for the production of the male hormone, testosterone. In Central America, people consume the sap of the red banana tree since it is considered as an aphrodisiac elixir. Feed your lover, frozen bananas dipped in hot fudge for a sensational treat.
Basil–There used to be a time, when basil was considered one of the most noble and sacred plants on this planet. The herb is believed to have originated in Asia, but it was the Europeans who truly discovered its essence and powers as a flavor-booster and as an aphrodisiac. During Roman times, Basil was considered as a sign of love. The herb’s blissful aroma is perhaps the reason why it possesses an instant aphrodisiac effect. May be, that’s the reason why Italians are so romantic!
Figs – It is believed that eating a fig while being naked in front of a woman is one of the most erotic acts since when a fig is split down,its centre it resembles a woman’s gentle unmentionables. Some historians even believe that fig was the original forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. It is undoubtedly a symbol of sexuality, love and fertility.
Almonds – From ancient times, almonds are regarded as a sign of fertility, strength and wisdom. The aroma of almonds is believed to arouse passion in women. It’s even written in the Bible that Samson enticed his lady with the help of sweet-smelling almond branches.
Besides these foods, you can try and show off your culinary skills by cooking a dinner or a lunch for your loved one. It’s really romantic to prepare a feast for your partner and while the two of you enjoy the delicacies together, cherish the fascinating smile and the hint of a twinkle in his/her eyes.

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