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Nothing gets the Bollywood rumour mill buzzing quite the same way as a relationship between two high-profile stars. Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have been seeing each other for five years now, and people are beginning to ask when they will tie the knot.
Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are Bollywood’s most eligible romantic pair off-screen. They’re both A-list celebrities in their own right, with Ranbir being part of Bollywood’s most famous dynasty and Katrina Kaif being the current heartthrob. Ever since 2009, when their movie Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani came out in 2009, these two have been rumoured to be together.
In fact, it is this relationship between Ranbir and Katrina that is supposed to have sounded the death-knell between Ranbir and Deepika, who went public about his ‘cheating on her’.
Anyway, though neither of them has opened up to the media about each other, there have been enough hints thrown around that the two are very much in love. Recently, Ranbir and Kat appear to have taken a place of their own and moved in together. Rishi Kapoor, when asked about this, said, ‘My father gave me space when I moved out after marriage, and now that Ranbir wants to share a home with his girlfriend, I am also giving him space.’
In an interview with Anandbazaar Patrika, Ranbir has been reported to admit to his love affair with Katrina. ‘This year we’re both extremely busy,’ he said. ‘There won’t be any time this year to tie the knot. We have planned for next year to be the right time for both of us.’ He also said that the relationship is now at a mature stage, and denying it now would amount to disrespect. ‘I am turning 33 this year, and it’s high time I started a family. Katrina also feels the same way.’
But the day after these reports surfaced in the daily newspaper, Ranbir came out and called it a rumour, saying that while he is in love, there are no fixed plans of getting married next year like the paper has reported.
At the same time, in a separate statement, Katrina also confirmed that there were no plans for a wedding at the moment.
Well! It looks like it’s going to take a lot of effort to bring the words out of the love birds, but we’re sure that the fans of this lovely couple will be waiting with bated breath for the announcement.

Ankit Gupta

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