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What to do before getting Covid-19 Vaccinations?

 What to do before getting Covid-19 Vaccinations?

We are already accustomed to the measures to protect ourselves against Covid-19; it is equally essential to prepare for vaccinations. For instance, you also must know what to do in case you do not have a Medicare card or suffer from anxiety. Firstly, you need to find a clinic and book a vaccination appointment.

Ensure to check your Medicare details and if you have online access.

If you have a Medicare card, check if the card’s details are up to date; look at the below checklist:

  • You can check your Medicare card details through your Medicare online account via the MyGov option.
  • Similarly, you can check the details in the Express Plus Medicare app.
  • Also, you can check Services Australia to determine the status of your Medicare card.

Furthermore, if you have a Medicare account but cannot access it online, you can set up your account through the MyGov option in the Medicare online account.

Don’t have Medicare?

In case you are eligible for Medicare but do not have an account, you can go to the Services Australia website, complete the formalities and enrol for a medicare account and card. However, you can still get your vaccinations if you don’t have a Medicare card.

Furthermore, you can book an appointment with GPs near you at Commonwealth Vaccination Clinic, a state-run or territory-run vaccination clinic, or a pharmacy. Besides, they will not charge or bill you for the service.

Tips for Carers, Family Members and Guardians

Guardians, family members and carers who must make a vaccination decision on behalf of someone should download a Consent form for COVID-19 vaccination. Also, they can access the COVID-19 vaccine information and consent form for vaccinating children aged 5 to 11.

At the same time, you can check the collection of Easy Read resources and read information for people with disability, as well as information for children, teens and parents/guardians.

What to do if you are anxious or have doubts?

Our minds are often riddled with anxiety and uncertainty when it comes to diseases, so it is better not to do anything without expert advice. Moreover, you must:

  • Communicate clearly any doubts or questions with your GP or vaccine provider.
  • Ask a friend or family member to accompany you to your appointment.
  • Ask them to sit somewhere quiet after reaching the clinic with you.
  • If you are afraid of injections, ask the doctor and your accompanying friend or family member to provide assurance and support.
  • Book an appointment and talk to your GP accordingly.

Check the collection of patient resources to learn more about vaccination and approved

Varsha Saini

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