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The Whitsundays Experience!

 The Whitsundays Experience!

Captain James Cook can be pardoned for getting his Calendar wrong, naming Whitsunday islands as he must have been pretty impressed with the stunning beauty of the islands and forgetting what day it was. Isn’t that what we all need while going on a vacation? To forget stuff, like Monday mornings, deadlines, monthly targets… If you need a place so stunningly spectacular that like Captain Cook, you also forget your bearings and schedule, Whitsunday Islands are the right spot for you, mate. Welcome to the most popular yachting destination on the entire southern hemisphere. No matter if you don’t own one, you can hire one. There must be something there after all,as the place attracts more than half a million people annually. This archipelago of islands which forms part of the Great Barrier Reef, has among them, all sorts of attractions like National parks, Coral reefs, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating facilities, just to name a few. The white sandy beaches and pristine azureblue coloured waters are so alluring to all sorts of travelers, that it’s no cliché to say you are in a tropical paradise. It’s a breathtaking sight to see the ocean changing colors from blue to shades of crystal, aquamarine, and indigo as you travel far and wide within the archipelago. CaptainjamescookportraitNot to mention the perfect tropical climate all year round. The most sought after destinations among the islands are Arlie beach and Hamilton Island. With two airports in Proserpine and Hamilton Island, Whitsunday is very accessible from any part of the country.

The perfect way to explore the places are to hire a boat and sail along savoring the sights.And if you are no Captain Cook when it comes to sailing skills, also don’t bother, plenty of seamen/trained guys are there on hire so that you will have more time and energy to relax on the holiday, where there are chefseven on hire to give you mouthwatering local cuisines. Arranging these things through organized tour operators helps you in finding the best spots to dive, the best places to view, where to find the isolated beaches, and countless other stuff like what to do and where to do it and scenic flights, island hopping tours on vintage and modern aircrafts with aerobatics for the adrenalinejunkies with even helicopter rides thrown in. Kayaking, sailing, power boating, Jet skiing, you will be spoiled for choices, including one of the best Golf courses in Australia. The modern sleek looking deluxe Catamaran’s will blow your breath away, not to mention that some of them are arguably the world’s fastest. And boats fitted with blue underwater lights to attract dolphins is a rare sight to watch.Since the waters are naturally protected from giant waves by the Great Barrier Reef, it’s near perfect condition for the perfect sail.

 If you thought a visit to Whitsundays is all about water sports then you are wrong. You could learn a lot about Aboriginal culture, bush walk, trekking, marineecology, and even astronomy if you are so inclined, as lots of experts in this field are there available for assistance. Did I miss telling that Whitsunday waters are one of most bio diverse rich in marine life having a vast array of sea turtles, sting rays and many varieties of tropical fishes? Where else in the world will you get, along with all these facilities, a crocodile safari, with a rare collection of estuarine crocodiles, and   native birds, mammals, reptiles and marine animals. More than just a beach holiday, you can get a whiff of Australian wild life too in a Whitsunday tour. The Whitsunday event calendar is so varied with marathon raises, pet dog races, film festivals, beach races, beach music festivals, boat races, yacht regattas etc. so that every visitor round the year will have their itineraries full. And Whitsunday was part of the islands where the “Best job in world” was advertised by Australian Tourism Board which generated so much hype and media buzz as to be a beach bum and get paid for it.
The best thing about Whitsunday is the choice of a wide range from an average back packer affordability to the taste of the Rich and famous of Sydney. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags. Go!

Damien Peters

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