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Why are Indian Students returning back to their homes?

 Why are Indian Students returning back to their homes?

Australia has been an ideal destination for students from different nations to pursue higher education; in fact, the preliminary data supplied by the Department of Home Affairs indicates that nearly 44,000 student visa applications were received from India in the last six months of 2022, compared with 38,700 from China during the same period.

However, the latest data related to international students in Australian Universities highlight the fact that Indian students have been returning at an increased rate compared to many other countries. Additionally, the data pointed out that more than 29,000 Indian students began their higher education in November 2022, which is 160 percent more than the same time during the year before that (2021).

The primary reason for this issue has been attributed to Covid-19, which has impacted all sectors, including international education. Besides, the data suggests the education sector still continues to recover, and a strategic plan of action is the need of the hour.

Furthermore, the Australian Education Minister Jason Clare emphasised that international education is a critical Australian asset that was severely affected by the disease outbreak. Also, the $40 billion industry was deceased in half, and the situation worsened when the previous Government directed international students to return home.

Thankfully, the Australian Government is rebuilding the international education sector; for instance, the visa backlog has been reduced. In addition, the Government has made an official announcement as to which work rights of students will be extended, enabling students who graduate with degrees to work in specific areas of skills shortages. Therefore, students are coming back, but there is a lot more to do in terms of ensuring adequate support for international students.

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