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Why Keeping the Subtitles On While Watching Shows and Movies is a Good Idea

 Why Keeping the Subtitles On While Watching Shows and Movies is a Good Idea

While watching regional, English, or shows or movies of any language we know, we often tend to switch the subtitles on. The same subtitles which allow us to watch movies of all languages, from all over the world.
It is courtesy subtitles that we can witness the genius of Chinese, Japanese, Iranian, Russian, French, movies, among others. However, this habit of switching the subtitles off while watching movies and shows in a language we know isn’t necessarily a good one.
Why Keeping the Subtitles on is a Good Idea
You can miss out on what a character is saying. You would tend to skip that because rewinding it every time is not only a hassle but also breaks the flow of the content. During the climactic moments or one of those crucial yet tranquil moments in the movie, you would be losing out on the context.
Helps You Enjoy Every Moment of It
Have you ever seen a meme from the show FRIENDS on Facebook or Instagram which highlights this one sarcastic comment Chandler made? Moreover, then you realise you missed out on it.
All because you skipped a name or a word or a specific essential reference which happened to be the skeleton of the joke? If you had your subtitles on, perhaps that wouldn’t have happened. Now imagine this happening to all the shows and movies you have watched till with the subtitles off, feeling confident that you will be able to understand every bit of it.
Keeping Subtitles On is a Good Habit
If you make a habit of keeping the subtitles on even for languages you know, you’ll see that you notice the correct spellings, all the character names, a few puns here and there that we tend to miss, and every minute detail without missing on any important moment. Moreover, hey, it’s also easier to learn song lyrics this way!
If you go back and watch the movies and shows you have watched before and watch it again with subtitles on, you’ll see some detail revealing from the plot that you missed but that which was crucial to the build-up of the climax. Every word uttered by every character will be comprehensible, and you’ll have a better understanding of the plot, story, and the characters in general.
Don’t Depend on Subtitles all the Time Though
However, on the other hand, subtitles may not always be the most ideal. Sometimes, you simply have to rewind and hear what you missed with more attention. For example, if you’re watching a brilliant stand-up comedy show in the likes of Trevor Noah or Nanette by Hannah Gadsby, you can’t afford to miss out on a word, yet it also becomes hectic to keep looking and reading the subtitles, which ruins the natural flow of the content. However, it’s worth giving a try anyway.
Do you watch movies and shows with subtitles on? Let us know below!

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