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5 Strange Places on Earth Where Gravity Doesn’t exist

 5 Strange Places on Earth Where Gravity Doesn’t exist

Gravity on Earth is responsible for keeping everything on the ground and preventing man and objects from floating aimlessly in the air. Without gravity, we wouldn’t exist. The law of gravity was propounded by Isaac Newton, and for gravity to exist, there has to be a force of attraction. However, do you know that there are places on Earth where the laws of gravity are relatively less profound. This might sound crazy, but yet, it is true. Find below a list of places where forces of gravity seems to have vanished.

Mystery Spot Santa Cruz – California

In California, there is a place called the Mystery Spot. This place is one of the few places where scientists have noticed a gravitational anomaly. Discovered in 1939, it was opened to the public in 1940. At this location, you will be shocked beyond belief to realise that gravity does not work. There is a Mystery Shack at the Mystery Spot that appears to be tumbling over, but it is not. To walk here, you will have to move in a tilted position. Strange but true.

Hoover Dam – Nevada

Another spot where nature has chosen to play a trick on us is located in the heart of Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA. At this exact spot, if you pour water from a bottle into the dam, rather than dropping down, you will be surprised to see the water flowing upward. The dam creates this powerful updraft, and the water is carried upward by wind.

Magnetic Hill – Ladakh India

There is a route on the national Leh-Kargil Baltik Highway called the Magnetic Hill. This spot is known to pull cars uphill. There have also been rumours that planes flying above this spot can increase their altitude. But that is not the shocking phenomenon of Magnetic Hill. The shocking phenomenon is that when you are driving across this route, and you switch off your engine, the car will start to move slowly on its own. There are many arguments as to why that is but the mere sight of vehicles moving without their driver’s intervention is quite strange.

Golden Boulder – Myanmar

In Myanmar, formerly (Burma), a rock hangs precariously and looks like it will fall anytime soon. However, this rock has maintained this position for centuries. Some estimates place the age of the rock at 2,500 years. The boulder hangs at the height of 49ft. Legends say it is held by Buddha’s hair. It just hangs there without any underlying support. The legend also claims that it can only be moved by a woman, which is why women aren’t allowed to touch it.

Reverse Waterfall – Faroe Island

Last but not least is ‘The Faroe Islands Reverse Waterfall’. Rather than falling downwards, the water appears to be moving upward like it is defying the laws of gravity. However, the fact is, gusts of winds blow against the water flow, which creates an optical illusion.

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