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Made in India Magazine | September 25, 2021

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Australian construction workers to get easy access to coronavirus tests. A new initiative ramps up the testing process

Australian construction workers to get easy access to coronavirus tests. A new initiative ramps up the testing process

| On 13, May 2020

Construction workers have been working hard to rebuild the Australian economy. Their contribution cannot be understated on any level. However, safety always needs to come first at these times. Following that message, a team of nurses and GPs will be hitting the road on a bus and visiting numerous workplaces all over the country to provide workers with easy access to COVID-19 tests.

Incolink has been working with the state government to ramp up testing of the coronavirus. The government has also donated some money to the cause, and the support looks as positive as it can be. The Australian Prostate Centre runs an Incolink bus which they will staff with GPs and nurses and kickoff the initiative.

Breaking down the initiative

You can get the bus to visit your workplace if you want to get tested or you have others who do. Mouth and nasal swabs will be provided to you by the teams. Upon collection of samples, the teams will conduct testing and get back to you with results within 48 hours. This initiative will make things as convenient as possible for Australian workers. They will be able to apply for the bus to visit their workplace and get testing done quickly as compared to any other way out there. The initiative is already gaining a tremendous amount of support from the industry as well as the government.

The authorities are currently looking for more funding so they can run up to 4,000 tests throughout Australia daily. Erik Locke (chief executive, Incolink) believes that one bus will be able to run up to 1200 tests a month.

What will happen if you are tested positive for COVID-19

If you are tested positive, you are to stop working immediately and isolate yourself for two weeks. COVID-19 payments of $1000 for apprentices and $2000 for most workers have been issued by the government to help the workers as they self-isolate and recover.

Erik Locke (chief executive, Incolink) requested workers throughout Australia to apply for the bus and get tested. He said that workers are doing a lot for the economy right now and widespread testing will help give the community more confidence concerning the industry’s safety.

Leading unions, including Master Builder Australia, are supporting the initiative with open arms.

At the moment, 45 facilities run by the state offer COVID-19 testing and has the potential to do around 12,000 tests daily.

John Hartley (Chief executive, CoInvest) stated that everyone has a stake in the safety and health conditions of Australian workers. David Atkin (Chief executive, CBUS) believes that workers will be at the frontline of recovery. With the government supporting this new initiative and everyone coming together to take care of Australia’s workers in the best and most convenient way they can, it looks like a modern day is dawning for the Australian industry.

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