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What is China’s role in the COVID-19 pandemic

 What is China’s role in the COVID-19 pandemic

As the world tries to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and stay safe, people from around the world are well-aware of China’s role in suppressing the early outbreaks and news about the virus. After WHO’s deference, Rita Panahi from Herald Sun has recently said that what China did to the world must never be forgotten. Let’s dive into what she had to reveal.

What China did (and didn’t do)

China’s regime has created a monstrosity that is on its way to cause a global recession. With 1,70,389 (and counting) dead, and more than 24,78,634 confirmed cases around the world, COVID-19 has gained a momentum that will be hard to stop.

The Chinese regime suppressed the virus outbreak when it happened, banning news of the virus and keeping the world governments in the dark about it. They also didn’t stop travel and trade activities, which only led to the virus being spread quickly around the world. Their dishonesty, recklessness, and a general lack of regard for human life is the only reason the world is suffering right now.

In December, the Chinese regime destroyed lab samples that indicated the onset of a virus outbreak in Hubei province. This is just one of the ten thousand examples of what went on inside the country.

Is the Chinese government killing its people?

What is China's role in the COVID-19 pandemic

Chinese critics and doctors who tried to warn people back then – and ones who revealed shocking facts about the government’s immaturity, have started to die and disappear. This is a fact that needs no introduction and reflects the malfeasance of the Chinese regime.

Is WHO to blame as well?

The WHO had decided to ignore ”rumours and to believe the word of the Chinese government on the state of the virus. Their complicity has also led to thousands of deaths and the inability of many countries to best prepare for the virus – the WHO also propelled their preferred narratives forward and consciously chose not to investigate the matter in depth.

The WHO also declared the COVID-19 a pandemic until it was way too late. Their chief – Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – had also stated that a travel ban would “unnecessarily interfere” with global grips and trading activities. He also added that it would only promote stigma and fear at the cost of “little public health benefit.”

It could all have been avoided.

What is China's role in the COVID-19 pandemic

The University of Southampton recently conducted a study that went on to reveal that China could have lowered the effects of the pandemic by as much as 95% had they implemented strict measures 21 days earlier.

If the Chinese regime had decided to listen to their doctors and experts – instead of silencing and killing them – it would all have been avoided. Now, however, as we stand on the brink of destruction, all we can do is hope that the world governments will take a lesson from this. We hope the world picks up the pieces and recovers from this catastrophe, and that never again do we let political agendas get in the way of public health and safety.

Sunny Pathak

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