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Beauties That are Actually Beasts

 Beauties That are Actually Beasts

Mother Earth is a wondrous planet with so many interesting creatures on the land and even more, deep in the oceans. Some species are commonly found while some are very rare and many of them are yet to be discovered. But the ones that are popular for their deadly instincts are the ones which are most fascinating. And no, we are not compiling a list of the various kinds of wild cats and crocodiles. We are talking about those harmless looking, lesser known animals that can rip you apart within a few seconds. Here is my list of fragile creatures which are extremely perilous in their natural habitats.

  • Fire Urchins – Astropyga radiata or the blue spotted sea urchin is one of the deadliest creatures of the oceans. The vibrantly coloured external spines of fire urchin are highly poisonous. But that’s not all, at the base of their spines there are several tiny venomous pincers. So when they sense a possible attack from a predator or from some other form of threat, they pierce these pincers into the attacker’s body and release a life threatening venomous substance. So make sure you never get fooled by their fragile bones and flexible body. They can paralyse and even kill humans within a very short span of time.
  • Titan Longhorn – Titanus giganteus or the neo-tropical longhorn beetles are the biggest beetle species in the world. They can be as long as 7 inches and their elongated gnawing jaws and sharp spines make them look perilous. Don’t ever underestimate this beetle’s abilities to attack and harm you. One moment they are sitting away, looking harmless, minding their own business and the next moment they will suddenly fly at you, hiss like a snake and tear into your flesh. The bite of Titan Longhorn can leave you limping and stumbling.
  • Southern Flannel Moth – This mysterious little creature looks fascinating because of its fine looking, fur like spines. But don’t get too carried away, this cute little caterpillar is highly venomous. The spines of this moth contain a lethal poison which can take your life. Many people have encountered this creature while working in their kitchen gardens or in the fields and before they can realize what exactly has bitten them they collapse and need immediate medical attention. Their life can be saved if they get to the hospital in time.
  • Giant Tasmanian Crayfish – You must have seen this baneful creature on your television or on the internet and if you have seen it with your own eyes, there are no words that can describe how threatening it appears to be. They are monsters and an encounter with them is an encounter with fate. They can be up to 30 inches long and their claws can puncture your bones. These ferocious creatures are the largest known invertebrate found in freshwaters.

No matter whether we find them attractive, repulsive and fascinating in one way or another, but we all need to realize that these creatures are facing extinction. We need to spread awareness about them but at the same time don’t give them an opportunity to leave you black and blue!

Sumit Panwar

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