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Best Exercises to Maintain Your Weight and Blood Sugar Levels

 Best Exercises to Maintain Your Weight and Blood Sugar Levels

Regular exercise is extremely beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. Engaging in frequent exercise can also help diabetes patients to manage their blood sugar levels effectively. Regular exercise will also help them to maintain a healthy weight and boost their overall body fitness.

Though regular exercise is recommended for diabetics, yet the exercise must follow a suitable plan. It is sometimes tricky for diabetics to choose the right exercise plan. To choose the right exercise, you must first note how your body responds to each exercise you perform. 

An exercise will help in reducing your blood sugar levels, yet the exercise must not lead to a sudden drop in the level. So, choose a suitable exercise routine that gradually drops and maintains your blood sugar levels and at the same time, reduces your body weight. Here are some of the best exercises for diabetes patients to maintain their blood sugar level and body weight.


This is a great exercise for everybody. But patients suffering from diabetes are strictly advised to walk for at least half an hour, three times weekly. Doing this consistently is a great way to manage your blood sugar levels and also your body weight.


Yoga has been an ancient times exercise. This exercise is well-known to promote overall wellbeing. For instance, yoga can be practised to manage your weight and cure several diseases. You can benefit from yoga in several ways. For diabetes patients, yoga will help to promote normal brain functioning, lower the body stress level, improve the functions of the nerves, etc.


Recently, this exercise has gained wide popularity. Practising Pilates regularly can help in achieving weight loss. If you have diabetes, try out Pilates regularly to improve your overall body health. Pilate is also an enjoyable exercise.


Swimming is an exercise that involves the movement of all body parts. Swimming helps you to stretch your muscles properly. This leads to weight loss, as well. The fascinating thing about swimming is that it does not put pressure on your joints. This makes swimming suitable for diabetics. For an effective result, practice swimming for at least three times weekly.


Does this sound funny? Dancing is a great exercise that helps you to relax your mind and entire body. More so, dancing cheers you up in no time. No matter how small, a dance session will not only leave you with less stress, but it will also burn out a great number of calories in your body.

You only have to play and enjoy good music while you choose your favourite dancing moves. With regular dancing, you will soon realize the impact of dancing on your blood sugar levels maintenance and bodyweight reduction.

In conclusion, it is recommended that patients with diabetes practice any of the exercises listed above for 30 minutes at least thrice a week. But carefully choose the right exercise that does not lead to a sudden drop in your blood sugar levels.

Mohammad Ali Yasser

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