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Chemical-free cleaning products scrub up for this business

 Chemical-free cleaning products scrub up for this business

Thanks to the pandemic, household cleaning and hygiene products have never been more popular. In the US last year, sales of aerosol disinfectants grew by nearly 400 per cent during the March 2020 period compared to the previous year. 

In particular, the popularity of chemical-free products is growing with more people concerned about the environment and what they might be injesting. Retailers will get a chance to check out the latest chemical-free products at this year’s 2021 Naturally Good Expo on from May 30-31 at Sydney’s ICC.

Victoria-based exhibitor, Euclove, are this month launching their new All Natural Dish Soap in response to customer demand. “We have developed a unique blend of essential oils which helps to eliminate strong food odours,” says CEO Srini Ranganathan who originally hails from Madras. “Our Natural Hand Wash – one of our top sellers – will also soon be re-launched.

“Our customers asked for thicker liquid soap, but as our products don’t have any synthetic thickeners we needed to redevelop and are really happy with the new product.”

Euclove also produce a wide range of products including their popular Bedding and Mattress Spray, disinfectant sprays, and kitchen and bathroom cleaners. The products contain natural ingredients such as eucalypt, clove, tea tree oil and lemongrass.

The business was founded by Mr Ranganathan and his wife Chelsy in 2017, but Mr Ranganathan says the family’s journey with natural products actually started more than 50 years ago when Chelsy’s mum Pat decided to make her own natural cleaners.

“Pat sourced her own herbs and plants to keep her home clean and fresh, as well as fix skin ailments from itchy bites to sunburn.

“Having passed down her special blends and natural remedies, we created own home-made products. We’d get endless positive comments and would give away our pre-made blends. So we decided to create a business and prove to people that natural cleaners really clean just as well as chemical ones.”

Sales have been strong and Euclove will also release a new laundry liquid and body wash later in the year.

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