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Wearing a heart rate monitor can make all the difference in whether your workout is beneficial or not. In this article, we tell you just why heart rate matters, and how you can use a monitor to help you achieve your fitness goals.
Your resting heart rate is one of the most important parameters by which you can judge your fitness level. The faster you exercise, the more your heart rate increases, and the healthier your heart muscle becomes. This, in turn, makes your heart muscles efficient so that it can get more done in less when you’re resting too, which means that your resting heart needs to beat less than the average person’s to get the same amount of blood pumping to all the organs of your body.
Unlike the old days in which you had to strap things around your chest in order to monitor your heart rate, these days you can use watch-like things around your waist to get similar amounts of accuracy and without any inconvenience.
Here are a few other benefits of keeping a check on your heart rate by using a monitor:
1. Once you have your target heart rate set up, you can hunt around for activities that will help you get into the optimum zone.
2. If you’re a runner, heart rate monitoring helps you to achieve that balance between running too slow and too fast, at just the right amount of speed so that you can lower the risk of injury and also keep running for longer.
3. Though any elevation of heart rate is beneficial than nothing, aim to keep your target heart rate for close to 30 minutes for optimum results. That way, your heart muscles will get used to the load and become stronger.
4. Use your monitor as a personal trainer. Whenever you’re resting too much in the gym, just glance at it and get pushed back to work!

Sunny Pathak

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