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How Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Distributed In Your State. Find Out Here…

 How Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Distributed In Your State. Find Out Here…

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout has been initiated on 22nd February. Each state has started preparing its strategies for the distribution and administration of the initial doses of the vaccine.

The Pfizer vaccine is now available and ready to be inducted. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has gone through many lengthy processes to approve the drug for its efficacy.

The Government has decided to protect the vulnerable citizens of each state first, some of whom include frontline healthcare workers, aged and disabled residents, border workers, and quarantined people.

It has been planned to vaccinate up to fifty hospitals in each state, along with disabled and aged care facilities. Another vaccine AstraZeneca is under investigation and is expected to be approved for vaccination across the country if it is found effective without incurring any harm.

The Australian vaccination program has been divided into five segments – catering to the priority advised by the Australian Technical Advisory Group.

State Governments’ Responsibility

The Government has given the responsibility to each state government to implement vaccine rollout in accordance with the vaccination policy stated by the Australian Government.

The Australian Government would be working with the state governments to implement and make better arrangements regarding the country’s vaccine rollout.

Plans for Western Australia

Around 5000 doses of Pfizer vaccine have been provided to the state of Western Australia. Initially, the vaccine would be provided in approximately 1100 doses to the aged and disabled care facilities.

The frontline workers are at a high risk as well. They are on the priority list to get the vaccination. However, the exact date has not yet been confirmed for their vaccination.

Furthermore, the quarantine and border people are also included in the first phase of vaccine induction. Though there would be limited doses of the vaccine available in the initial stage, according to the health department of WA.

Plans for South Australia

Around 4000 Pfizer vaccine doses have been supplied to South Australia. They would be vaccinating 1726 frontline workers in the following week. The state government is planning to vaccinate 12000 people in the next three weeks.

The vaccine freezers are being stored at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Flinders medical centre.

Stephen Wade, the minister for health and wellbeing, stated that this was the beginning of one of the most significant operations in the state.

Plans For Victoria

Victoria’s government has decided to vaccinate hotel quarantine workers, airport and port workers, frontline staff, residential old homes and their staff first. The vaccine would be administrated at the Melbourne airport, health facilities, quarantine hotel locations during the first stage.

Victoria’s Government has been made available 59,000 doses to be administered over the next three weeks. The Victorian Government has planned to induct approximately 12000 doses in the first week itself.

Martin Foley, health minister, stated that the objective is to vaccinate the individuals at the highest risk who can contract COVID-19 quickly.

Plans for Queensland

The chief health officer, Jeannette Young, told the Press that 27,000 workers, including quarantine staff, frontline and border workers would be vaccinated within April.

One hundred doses were distributed in Gold coast on 22nd February. The Queensland government is making efforts to vaccinate the state’s whole population by the end of October this year.

The state government would be vaccinating more vulnerable individuals aged 70 and over, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over 55 years of age, and young adults with health issues.

The state government is planning vaccination for the entire adult population by the end of October.

Plans for Northern Territory

Around 3000 vaccines have been sent to the northern territory, which of course would be administered to people at higher risk first.

The second round would begin by the end of March. Chief Minister Michael Gunner stated that the vaccine did not need to be rushed in Australia as is the case with some other countries where Covid-19 is wreaking havoc.

Plan for ACT

ACT has started vaccinating the state’s population and as is the case with all other states, vulnerable people are scheduled to be inducted first. The chief minister says that the process for COVID-19 rollout is an arduous task and it would take months to vaccinate the state’s entire population.

Plan for Tasmania

Tasmania received the Pfizer vaccine on 21st February 2021 and has started rolling out the vaccine already. The state government has received 2340 doses, and it is expected to be doubled in the next week to 4680 doses.

Plan for New South Wale

Around 35,000 workers in NSW are currently at higher risk of contracting COVID-19. They would be receiving their jabs during the next three weeks. The vaccination is also aimed to be distributed among those who are at potential exposure to the disease. The vaccine rollout has begun at Westmead, Liverpool, and Royal Prince Alfred hospitals.

The Central Government further stated that it does not expect that the entire country’s population would get vaccinated anytime soon. It’s expected to be a long-term process lasting at least until the end of 2021.

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