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Made in India Magazine | September 27, 2021

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How you can help those affected by India's COVID-19 pandemic

How you can help those affected by India’s COVID-19 pandemic

| On 26, May 2021

During 2020, India defied the global trend by appearing to be resilient to the COVID surge. However, as of the 22nd of May, India’s recorded death toll stood at almost 300,000, and total case numbers surpassed 26 million. By the time you read this, both figures would be worse.

The country is now dealing with a medical and humanitarian crisis as they battle shortages of hospital beds, oxygen, ICU spaces, and medical staff. Indian diaspora in Australia who are concerned and wish to donate to humanitarian relief campaigns or crowdfunding efforts can refer to the following:



Oxfam is getting personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers and providing hygiene kits to vulnerable citizens. Oxfam says it will give money to impoverished households, as well as food to those in need.

To donate to Oxfam’s coronavirus appeal, visit

UNICEF Australia

Unicef Australia

UNICEF has launched a campaign to provide life-saving assistance to those affected in India and beyond. They pledge that donations will help increase oxygen supplies via oxygen generation plants within hospitals. In addition, they aim to provide rapid COVID-19 testing machines and aid in the quick distribution of vaccines.

UNICEF Australia has been quoted as saying:

“In India, we have already seen more than a hundred million pushed further into poverty, losing their education, facing heightened risk of abuse or exploitation or experiencing the devastation of seeing their parents or caregivers fall ill or die”.

To help UNICEF on the ground; delivering urgently needed medical equipment, hygiene supplies, PPE, and humanitarian care, visit

Care Australia

Care Australia has launched an appeal to support its team in India. In doing so, they are setting up temporary hospitals with oxygen supplies, trained medical staff, medication, and PPE. They have a dedicated COVID facility in Bihar, a 100-bed patient care centre. However, they need more funding to roll out additional support systems.

For information on Care Australia, visit

Human Appeal Australia

Human Appeal Australia (HUA) is an international organisation that works to tackle poverty and social inequalities. Their India based team provides relief by donating food parcels, hygiene kits, and oxygen tanks. HUA is offering you the option to contribute to the establishment of two oxygen concentration plants; these will allow hospitals to keep providing oxygen to patients in India. For more, visit

Australian Red Cross

The Red Cross launched a global appeal to escalate their emergency activities to support partners across the Asia Pacific. In doing so, they aim to sustain essential services in response to the COVID crisis. The Australian Red Cross provides aid in India but also supports services for high-risk groups within Australian territories. Their manifesto is to assist those most at risk.

For more information, visit

World Vision

World Vision has lost staff to COVID in India, so they appreciate the seriousness of the circumstances. They have concentrated on the country’s needs and have pledged US$ 2.5m, or more, across 93 Indian hospitals. Their campaign is fundraising for oxygen tanks and machines, hospital beds, and medical supplies for some of the worst-hit areas of India.

For more information, see

Rapid Response

Rapid response is a registered not-for-profit organisation committed to providing emergency assistance and long-term solutions to disaster victims. The Indian disaster relief organisation provides food to those in need within Indian communities, such as rice, lentils, and sugar. In addition, they are providing medical supplies, including PPE kits, masks, beds, and mattresses, to those affected.

For more information, visit

Making the Difference

Making the Difference is an organisation helping to find and deliver medical supplies to public hospitals within the populated areas of Mumbai, primarily oxygen and hospital beds. In addition, they are distributing meal (and meal kits) for COVID patients in their own homes.

For information, see


Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by receiving small amounts of money from many people. There has been a movement to this way of raising donations and help support individuals and communities; with GoFundMe Australia providing a list of verified fundraisers at

They state that Australia’s 700,000 strong Indian diaspora community are watching as loved ones in India fight the virus and that their agents will provide medical services and supplies to those in need.

As the COVID fire burns, our prayers are with those affected, and we pray for a fast recovery for India, as well as our global community.

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