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Made in India Magazine | June 23, 2021

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Melbourne's harsh lockdown could end weeks early.

Melbourne’s harsh lockdown could end weeks early.

| On 25, Sep 2020

There has been a significant decrease in the coronavirus cases from the previous months. According to reports, coronavirus cases in Melbourne have been reduced to the lowest number during the last 24 hours. The officials have announced that the daily cases will reduce to 30-50 per day onwards. Citizens will have relief as the lockdown procedures will be eased. Only a couple of old aged deaths have been reported. seventy one hundred tests have been conducted in the last 24 hours throughout Victoria. Police are monitoring strict implementation of COVID-19 restrictions, and they have imposed hefty fines on 180 citizens the day before. Thirty Melbournians were penalised for trying to break curfew.

Authorities are observing strict self-isolation safety practices, and they have fined 40 individuals about $5000 for breaching the regulations. Fifteen people were caught who were not wearing safety masks. Police have seized multiple individuals at various checkpoints for not abiding by the coronavirus precautions. People are visiting their loved ones, and it is hazardous.

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