National experts not consulted on curfew

 National experts not consulted on curfew

The Government did not consult the national health regulatory authority for implementing the curfew in Victoria. Deputy Chief of the medical division has stated that the Government did not discuss the control measures with the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC), and now they are facing challenging consequences. He further added that it was a public health issue and it should have been debated in a combined meeting among the government officials and the AHPPC.

The Victorian public health department has worked tirelessly on introducing the revised and additional control measures to overcome the pandemic. Victorian Government is further planning on lifting the restrictions gradually. He clarified that if the cases reported in a territory are reduced to a single digit, Government will consider the lifting of rules from that area. If people do not follow the health orders from the authorities, they will be imposed with heavy penalties and fines. Each breach will be dealt with accordingly. Dr Nick Coatsworth stated that people need to focus on truthful information, and they should never conceal any information from the officials.

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