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Preschools in New South Wales and Victoria will be free by 2030

 Preschools in New South Wales and Victoria will be free by 2030

A $5.8 billion strategy to create universal “pre-Kindergarten” by 2030 would provide families in New South Wales and Victoria access to an additional year of early education. Nearly a quarter of a million youngsters in New South Wales and Victoria will benefit from “play-based learning” before their first year of formal schooling during the next decade.

An additional year has been proposed for better early childhood development and to lessen the financial burdens of daycare. Play-based learning will be made available to all children before they enter primary school. These new initiatives from the governments of Victoria and New South Wales are the trending topic for the town’s Australians.

Unusual cooperation between the leaders of two opposing political parties has resulted in the passage of this legislation. “A long-term policy commitment that will alter lives,” Premier Dominic Perrottet of New South Wales mentioned.

“Two states working together, leading the nation on revolutionary reform in our education system. This 10-year program will reach the point where we have universal pre-kindergarten education in our state.” Daniel Andrews, the premier of Victoria, said the initiative is intended to ensure that all children, regardless of their socioeconomic status, have access to preschool education.

Every child deserves a chance to succeed by following a path to pleasure and prosperity. It’s about providing women liberty, financial stability, and power. The additional school year is scheduled to begin in Victoria in 2025. What is now referred to in the state as kindergarten for children aged 4 in the future will be referred to as “pre-prep.” Learning centred on the play will continue, but children will now attend school five days a week, and it won’t cost them anything more.

In the year 2030, New South Wales is planning to implement a scheme that is quite similar to this one. It will be referred to as ‘pre-kindergarten’ in that particular state. The state of New South Wales will launch a trial programme in the coming year.

Chirag Thakkar

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