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How to keep your kids safe from Adult content online

In our increasingly connected world, the internet has become an invaluable resource for education and entertainment alike. However, with accessibility comes exposure, including to adult content that may not be suitable for younger eyes. For Australian-Indian families, this concern is magnified by the cultural nuances and varying degrees of digital literacy within the community. The...Read More

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Indian Degrees To Be Recognised In Australia

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese Declares Recognition of Indian Academic Qualifications- Unveiling New Education Degree Verification System In a landmark announcement that promises to bolster educational exchange and cooperation between India and Australia, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese declared that Indian degrees would henceforth be recognised in Australia. This development introduces an education qualification recognition mechanism...Read More

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Preschools in New South Wales and Victoria will be free by 2030

A $5.8 billion strategy to create universal “pre-Kindergarten” by 2030 would provide families in New South Wales and Victoria access to an additional year of early education. Nearly a quarter of a million youngsters in New South Wales and Victoria will benefit from “play-based learning” before their first year of formal schooling during the next...Read More

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Fully Vaccinated International Students to Arrive before Christmas

Education partners have signed up for a programme with the New South Wales government to bring back international students. The pilot programme will only be available to those who are fully vaccinated, with the first consignment of 500 overseas students due before Christmas. Institutions such as Macquarie University, University of Sydney, UNSW, University of Newcastle,...Read More


Indian Slum Student Wins $60,000 Scholarship

The Asha Community Health and Development Society (ASHA) is an Indian charitable organisation that works alongside residents of communities within Delhi. The charity collaborates with the University of Sydney to identify candidates who may be eligible for a life-changing scholarship worth up to $60,000. This year Tushar Joshi, 22, who lives in the slum area...Read More


Uphill Battle of International Students

It has been a tough economic year, not least for our industries that rely on open porous borders. Australian universities are suffering as strict border measures are having an adverse impact on the sector. International enrolments have dropped by a whopping 210,000 this year; in addition, 130,000 international students have been studying online. Ultimately, this...Read More

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Six Students from India Receive Scholarships Worth 660K to Study at Deakin University

Six Indian students have received Deakin University’s Vice-Chancellor’s Meritorious Scholarship 2021. With this latest development, Tanmay Arora, one of the students, will soon travel to Australia to further his education and eventually fulfil his dream of studying abroad. The scholarships are estimated at AUD 674,490 and were awarded for studies at one of the campuses...Read More

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Western Sydney University Appoints An Academic Chair in Ayurvedic Medicine

Western Sydney University has finalised a plan to appoint an Academic Chair in Ayurvedic Medicine. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) had been signed by both the Western Sydney University and the Government of India Ministry of AYUSH. The AYUSH Academic Chair will be in charge of the campaign supporting Ayurvedic Medicine and oversee Ayurvedic Medicine...Read More