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Disgusting Abuse & Racist Comments are NOT part of Sledging. Stump-Mic catches Tim Paine calling Ravi Ashwin a D****Head

 Disgusting Abuse & Racist Comments are NOT part of  Sledging. Stump-Mic catches Tim Paine calling Ravi Ashwin a D****Head

Another Day… Another Test… Another Rant and another Racial Abuse coupled with offensive language. Last month it was Warne, and this time, Tim Paine will get away with it. See the unedited video before they do a copyright claim and see what the Indians have to endure on the field, all while we watch the PG version of the match from our lounges.

The struggle in the middle is Real… Very Very Real!

‘At least my teammates like me, d***head’: Tim Paine’s sledging war with Ashwin… just before the drop

Australian skipper Tim Paine and India’s Ravi Ashwin were involved in a heated sledging clash late in the final session of day five at the SCG.
With Australia growing frustrated needing five wickets for victory and Ashwin and Hanuma Vihari in the midst of a match-saving partnership Paine turned up the blowtorch on his Indian rival during an over from Nathan Lyon.

“Just like we want to get you to India that will be your last series,” Ashwin hit back.

“Maybe. Are you a selector here as well?” Paine replied.

“At least my teammates like me, dickhead. I’ve got a lot more Indian friends than you do. “Even your teammates think you’re a goose. Don’t they? Every one of them.”

“Tell me when you’re done,” Ashwin said, while refusing to bat until Paine stopped talking.

“I’ll talk all day Mate,” Paine said.

“Wait until you get to the Gabba, pal.”

“It’s your guy man, not me,” Ashwin gestured to bowler Lyon as play was held up.

We’re all up for a little give and take – but where does one draw the line? Should we wait for a couple of F-bombs to be thrown? Gald you asked.

Tim Paine used the F-word on umpire Paul Wilson minutes later, and that one cost him 15% of his match fee. But nothing for the mockery where Tim tries to mock Ravi by mimicking his Indian Accent, complete with the head-shake? So “DickHead” is going to be that the line in 2021, we guess.

It’s high time we create a code-of-conduct on the field and use every bit of technology to name, shame, fine and ban all the racists and sore losers who resort to childish behaviour when their team starts to lose. It’s cricket if it stays a gentlemen’s game, and as The Captain, we expected more from Tim Paine.

Arpita Pawan

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