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Yoga means a union with the self. The self means the mind, body, and soul. But often, we find ourselves struggling to get the three in harmony. Our body says one thing, our minds wants another thing. And caught in this turmoil of a never-ending dilemma is our soul that ceases to be free-spirited and scot-free the way it was when we were born. But have you wondered, why does that happen? The answer is simple. It happens because we learn to look at our faults sooner than we learn to appreciate our strengths. The new concept of body positivity caters to this problem, and beautifully so! Let’s find out how.

Body positivity is a term with two words that bespeak its meaning loud and clear. It is about accepting your body the way it is, and being positive about it. Yoga relies on the same principle that a happy body leads to a happy mind. It works quite effectively by not only improving your fitness, flexibility, and strength but also by helping you relax over time. While yoga gurus may have their own style of approaching it, they know they have to get one thing straight—benefits of yoga cannot be harnessed without the clients feeling better about their bodies. Hence, a number of yoga teachers these days are conducting special classes for plus-sized people and encouraging them to participate without inhibitions. They are also employing modification techniques to help aid postures.

However, there is a flip side too. It is relatively easy to misconstrued body positivity as an excuse for not pushing yourself. My friends—that is not the goal here! While accepting that you have a certain body type and certain things will stay the same about it like the law of nature, it doesn’t mean that it is okay to stop working on yourself. No one else should define what a healthy body is, fair enough! But you can do it for yourself. Let body positivity be rejuvenation for you, not retaliation. So ask yourself—do you feel fit and fine most of the time? Can you be a better version of yourself?

Once you answer the questions above, there will be no looking back. You and you alone are the master of your faculties. You should decide what body positivity means to you and how fit you should be. Yoga will help you feel the same thought. So bring out that long lost mat and hold that pose while the world applauds you awestruck!

Swati Aggarwal

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