Survivors of novel Coronavirus: Calling this Army of Immune to help save us from deadly COVID-19

 Survivors of novel Coronavirus: Calling this Army of Immune to help save us from deadly COVID-19

People who saved themselves from this virus are being called to save the infected people by using their immunity as their shield.

COVID-19 survivors can freely mingle with other people, and therefore, this army of immune is being called to work as frontline health workers for the welfare of others.

The survivors of coronavirus in China and the US are being encouraged to donate blood in order to harvest the antibodies contained in their blood. This can be one way to treat infected people.

COVID-19 survivors can serve as the asset especially, in frontline jobs as they are immune to this virus now, and will not be re-infected, says Peter Collignon (epidemiologist in Australian National University)

He further said that state health departments would register the number of people who have been tested positive to COVID-19 as well as those who have recovered.

‘I would think it is early days, but once you know who was infected and fully recovered, they will think I’m immune so can do frontline roles and not be infected,’ said Peter Collignon.

Few of the health workers in Victoria and Sydney have already fought off this deadly virus, and therefore, they can be deployed in hospital wards to start treating patients of the novel corona.

Professor Paul van Buynder, the public health expert at Griffith University, said, ‘That was always in the government’s pandemic plan.’

He further said that even less qualified public members who fought off COVID-19 should be re-deployed into hospitals and fever clinics to work as frontline health workers.

He said, ‘They’d be safe in any setting.’

But these survivors are strictly prohibited from getting deployed to re-open restaurants and cafes. This is because, although, recovered people would not be re-infected, other people hanging at these cafes could still get infected.

It is yet not evident; however, Medicos are hopeful that COVID-19 survivors are immune and therefore, would not catch virus again, at least in the shorter period.

Recent research has also revealed that monkeys who recovered from COVID-19 cannot be re-infected with this deadly virus.

Just as many people have been forced to do work from home as one preventive way against this virus, people who have already recovered from COVID-19 should be encouraged to come back into workplaces.

One downside is that one needs to have a medical certificate as proof that he/she was infected by the virus. However, overworked General Practitioners (GPs) have refused to spend their valued time in distributing medical certificates to employers who want their employees back to the workplace in case they have tested negative for COVID-19.

Happy Frontline Workers

Michele O’Shea, who caught COVID-19 on her holidays in Las Vegas has been released last week from her quarantine. She says, she is now ready to re-deployed to her work while using her immunity for the good of public.

The Sydney grandmother was suspected with COVID-19 as she caught this virus at Rod Stewart Concert or from surrounding of casino gaming tables. Otherwise, this 58- year old lady might have caught virus at The Eagles concert that she has attended with around 40,000 fans in Texas.

The time she left Australia for her 3-weeks holiday, there were hardly 22 cases of novel coronavirus in Australia. As she said, the virus wasn’t on her radar.

Trials of New Drug to treat COVID-19

A little was known in US about this virus while she spent her holidays in ski resort. When she reached the Las Vegas, the word has spread about COVID-19 all over the US.

After arriving home, she felt symptoms like slight temperature. Until then government has not announced the rules for returned travellers to self-isolate themselves for at least 14 days.

O’Shea said she had mild symptoms of COVID-19, such as sore throat, tightness in chest, slight fever. However, she has fully recovered now from her disease and can freely move outside.

She would like to work as frontline healthcare worker to help people if government requires the immune people. She said, ‘I’d be happy to do that.

She is also ready to donate her blood to harvest antibodies to treat COVID-19.

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