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The COVID-19 – Essential updates on shopping, school travel, and government’s actions in Australia

 The COVID-19 – Essential updates on shopping, school travel, and government’s actions in Australia

The COVID-19 pandemic has set the world economies back by a significant margin. It has also caused more than 1,37,078 fatalities and brought people’s everyday lives to a standstill. Staying updated and informed has become a priority for everyone to make sure:

  • The infection does not spread further
  • The infected ones know what to do and what not to do
  • There is no obstruction of the rules set by the government
  • The citizens stay compliant with the new policies set up by different industries
  • The students can continue their educational activities

In this article, we will be covering the latest updates on the current status of jobs, shopping, schools, travel, and sports, explaining the new changes and impacts the pandemic has had on rules and regulations.

The travel industry

The COVID-19 - Essential updates

The Australian governments have become stricter when it comes to travel – as they should be. The Commonwealth Government has put into action a ban on Aussies travelling to other countries (the ‘do not travel’ ban, which comes under the Biosecurity act of 2015).

All international travellers will have to be quarantined for 14 days. If you are an Australian citizen in a foreign country, the government has appealed to you to return as soon as possible, as many states will soon be closing their borders.

The state of borders

The COVID-19 - Essential updates

State/territory borders have been closed in Tasmania, SA, NT, and Queensland until further notice. WA has closed its borders for one month. While the exception of essential travel and freight is there, you will have to be in self-isolation upon your arrival if your travel is non-essential.

The state of airlines

The COVID-19 - Essential updates

Jetstar and Qantas international flights are to be suspended from March end to May end. Qantas is extending flight credit for its customers till the end of 2021. If you are a Jetstar customer with a flight booking between March 15-May 31, you can cancel them and get credit vouchers (the rule applies to all existing and new bookings).

Cutting its domestic capacity by as much as 90%, Virgin Australia has also decided to suspend all Tigerair Australia flights. All guests have been requested to visit their website for the state of flights, cancellations, vouchers, credit, and more.

The state of employment

The COVID-19 - Essential updates

Down below is a list of enterprises and entities in need of more workforce. All you have to do is to click the links mentioned in front of the names.

ALDI: An uptick in demand for groceries has created new job opportunities. Read more. 

DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES: The department is constantly hiring more staff to keep operations running smoothly. Read more.

DOMINO’S: Thousands of delivery staff needed to ensure safe, quick deliveries across the country. Read more. 

7 ELEVEN: They are looking for people who have any experience ‘facing’ customers. Read more. 

WOOLWORTHS: With an ever-increasing demand for supplies and groceries., the supermarket giant is looking to hire more than 20,000 employees. Read more. 

QUEENSLAND HEALTH: A variety of roles in operations, dental, nursing, allied health, medical, and administrative domains are open at the moment. Read more.

COLES: They need casual team members (more than 5,000) for their supermarkets. Read more. 

CENTRELINK / SERVICES AUSTRALIA: 5,000 staff members required. Read more. 

FIRE AND RESCUE NSW: Around 120 new ‘sought-after’ jobs will open in New South Wales. Read more. 

BHP: BHP is looking to hire 1,500 people across departments. Read more.

RANSTAD HEALTHCARE: A trend analysis determined that Ranstad healthcare needs a huge number of nurses. Click here.

CALL CENTERS: Telstra has 1,000 roles in their call centres at the moment. 

There are several hundred jobs available in Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane. 

THE NSW GOVERNMENT: The NSW government will require 1,000 people to fill different roles across departments. The state government needs 5,000 people for the processing of welfare applications and payments.

The state of shopping activities

The COVID-19 - Essential updates

Coles and Woolworths have implemented limits on the number of people in their stores at any given point in time. The limit varies from store to store, and people are encouraged not just to shop online, but also to keep a safe distance from each other while shopping in stores. They are also suggesting people use cards for payments and sanitize trolley/basket handles before and after use.

Woolworths has implemented one pack/person/shop and two items/person/shop restrictions on certain items. You can check them here. 

Coles has started dedicated delivery vans for the ones in need. These include isolated personnel, senior citizens, and more. You can find the updates here. 

Aldi stores are now open from 8:30 in the morning to 7 in the evening. You can check their updates and purchase restrictions here. 

The state of education

The COVID-19 - Essential updates

After the break, schools will open and implement a balanced program of distance learning and campus sessions. Measures are being taken aggressively to keep schools open and to protect staff and students from the pandemic.

Here is a state-by-state update:

  • NT: No school closures as of yet.
  • TAS: As Term 2 approaches (April 28), the government is requesting students to opt for distance learning whenever they can.
  • Victoria: Term 2 will start on April 15, but remote learning is being encouraged instead of campus learning.
  • ACT: As Term 2 approaches (April 28), the schools will remain open for students who can’t opt for distance learning.
  • NSW: Term 2 will begin on April 27, but remote learning is being encouraged instead of campus learning.
  • WA: Term 2 will begin on April 28; families are advised to keep children at home whenever possible.
  • SA: Term 2 will begin on April 27, but remote learning is being encouraged instead of campus learning.
  • QLD: Schools have care & supervision programs in place for students and essential workers; term two will start on April 20.

The state of sports activities

The COVID-19 - Essential updates
  • Gyms, swimming clubs, and fitness/wellness centres: All indoor and outdoor fitness centres and sports-related venues have been banned from being opened.
  • Bootcamp: All Bootcamp businesses have been instructed to operate with a maximum of 2 people (including trainers).
  • NRL: The NRL’s plan for continuing their 2020 season looks ambitious so far, as they have set a date for May 28.
  • AFL and AFLW: Matches have been suspended till May 31. However, this date is yet to be reviewed, and there are chances of it being extended.

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