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Made in India Magazine | April 11, 2021

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Turn “bad fat” to your advantage by exercising

Turn “bad fat” to your advantage by exercising
Damien Peters

So we all are under the impression that workout helps us burn fats. Now that is not the only thing that workout does to our body. Along with burning excess fats, workouts also help our fat to be controlled or we can say, behave in a better manner. If you resort to a strict 12-week aerobic exercise program, then the remaining fat will be termed as brown fat which is a healthy form of fat that can be easily decreased. Brown fat sits still but there is an added benefit to that. In order to produce body heat, brown fat requires lots of energy which in turn leads to a better control over blood sugar and helps us achieve a healthier composition of our body.

The best benefit attached to brown fat lies in the fact that it facilitates the burning of calories from the body. Furthermore, the rate of burning is much faster in this case which is why doctors as well as fitness instructors strongly recommend a daily and strict exercise plan for all those who have weight problems. Wine comes with its own set of positive as well as negative aspects. There are some who are avid wine aficionados and these are the people who have higher chances of gaining fat. Thus, excess of anything is bad which is why obese people are recommended to decrease their intake of wine.

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