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Twitter initiates new policy: Set to ban users who spread Covid-19 Disinformation

 Twitter initiates new policy: Set to ban users who spread Covid-19 Disinformation

The new policy will permanently ban offenders who repeatedly spread misinformation about the Virus.

In a recent statement, Twitter says it will issue warnings to users who spread misleading information about coronavirus. The strike system will be implemented on a gradual basis. Users who fail to comply will have their accounts permanently suspended on the platform. The social media company introduced this policy to combat the spread of falsehoods that may be detrimental to the fight against Covid-19. Since December 2020, the platform has removed thousands of tweets believed to be Covid-19 misinformation.

The new Guidelines

Under its new guidelines, there will be no punishment meted out to a user who tweets the wrong information the first time. Rather, warnings and a strike will be issued. Should they peddle untrue information about covid-19 two more times, they will be temporarily removed from the platform. If they receive the fourth strike, they will be banned from using their account for seven days. A fifth and final strike will lead to a permanent blocking of the account.

Since the policy was introduced, Twitter has sanctioned and removed 8,400 Covid-related tweets and challenged 11.5 million accounts. Their policy guidelines attracted worldwide attention in the weeks leading to the US elections when the platform sanctioned the account and tweets of the former president of the US, Donald Trump, while also sanctioning the New York Post’s coverage of the alleged financial indiscretions of the son of the current president and then-candidate, Hunter Biden.

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