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Mahesh Mohan


Devil’s Marbles – More Than Just Rocks

To truly experience the Australian outback, one must not forget to visit The Devil’s Marbles. The gigantic rocks in the middle of Australia’s Northern Territory make a visually appealing landscape that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Situated almost in the centre of Australia, it is one of the most characteristic sites when talking of...Read More

World News

Deadliest Prisons in the World

The primary objective of a prison is to keep the lawbreakers away from society and punish them for their crimes. But there are some prisons in the world which have redefined the term ‘punishment’ and have turned these facilities into living hell. Following is a list of prisons which can give even the worst of...Read More

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We live in a Facebook-dominated world. Brands peddle wares on it; politicians fight battles on it; businesses launch products on it. Farmville notifications spam your page; gossip mills initiated by a friend of a friend churn all day long, pulling you in to waste your time, to join 900 million other people who are sharing...Read More