Holi Festival Australia

Rakhi Malhotra

Handpicked Recipe

Anglo-Indian Beef Stew

This hearty one-pot Anglo-Indian stew is a fusion of Indian, Western, and Asian flavors, and it’s highly customizable to your specific tastes. Make it with any meat you like, such as chicken, beef, lamb, or mutton. A few rashers of bacon added to the pot will give your stew a delicious, rich, and smoky flavor....Read More


Tips for a Healthy Ketogenic Diet

What are Carbs? ‘Carbs’ or carbohydrates are essential nutrients as they provide the energy needed for our brains and body. Most foods we ingest contain carbs and also provide vitamins, minerals, and fibre which is beneficial to bowel health. What is a Ketogenic Diet? Commonly referred to as a Keto Diet, which involves drastically reducing...Read More



We’re used to thinking of pregnancy and motherhood as stressful times for the mother. But studies are showing that parenthood can be tough for both parties, and fathers can often suffer as much as mothers. Increasingly, research is showing that fatherhood is not as easy on men in our modern world. The Journal of the...Read More

Eating out

Desi Dhaba

Desi – Desi – Desi , Oi – Oi – Oey Teri!!! Talk about ‘in your face Desi’ and being proud of it, talk about Desi Dhaba. And as we later found out, there is more to the ‘Desi’ than the ‘Dhaba’, where the feeling of Australia stops at the door as this is a...Read More