Holi Festival Australia

Rakhi Malhotra


AIII Diwali – A Grand Success

At Sandown Racecourse in Melbourne, AIII (Australian Indian Innovations Incorporated) held a Diwali fair that was easily the biggest, loudest, meanest Diwali event of 2013 in the country. Each year for the last twelve, AIII has been outdoing itself with their Diwali and Holi celebrations, and just when you felt that they simply could not...Read More

Astrology Zone

Zodiac Fun Facts

You think you know your partner very well? There might be so many personality traits that you are unaware of. If not the only way, zodiac signs are the most fun way of discovering more about and making fun of the people you know. Besides notifying what kind of job is ideal for you and...Read More



What is Love? It’s a question as hard as asking a physicist,“What is time?” Is it SRK’s jackpot formula of friendship? Remember the golden words from KuchKuchHotaHai… “Pyardostihai…aur agar wohmeri sab se achchi dost nahin ban sakti to mein use kabhipyarkarhinahinsakta.” Or is it just Oxytocin rushing through your blood? Recall the good old days...Read More


Bedtime Violence

It was a normal day in office for Alex, the excitement on his face was evident as he was heading towards a fun filled weekend. He had booked a table at his favorite restaurant- a table for two. Everything was perfect. Back home Laura too was waiting for Alex, she too was geared to enjoy...Read More


The Enchanted River

When one looks at any of the millions of photos of Enchanted River, he may think that that image was ‘instagramified’ or ‘photoshopped’. It looks so magical that it’s hard to believe it’s natural. The most famous tourist spot in Hinatuan, SurigaoDel Sur of Philippines is indeed a wonderful place to be. It’s located twelve...Read More