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Covid-19 Vaccination Program Has Started – What You Need To Know Before Getting The Jab

 Covid-19 Vaccination Program Has Started – What You Need To Know Before Getting The Jab

From Monday 22nd February 2021, the prime minister, the Chief Medical Officer, and the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer started the official Covid vaccination program.

The distribution of vaccination for COVID-19 in Australia has been prioritised to be given to frontline health workers and vulnerable groups according to data analysis derived from public health registers, therapeutic history, and epidemiological evidence.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison received his shot on 21st February 2021. After receiving the shot, he said that his arm got slightly sore, but he did not notice any side effects.

He further added that the vaccine might affect different people differently. Still, Australia’s medicines regulator, the TGA, has looked into the sensitivity for the COVID-19 vaccine in-depth and approved it with good remarks.

Moreover, the PM said that the vaccine is safe to induct, and many of the world’s top leaders have already been vaccinated.

Here is the list of top priority groups who are at higher risk for Covid-19 and are to be vaccinated first:

  • Frontline health workers.
  • Aged and disabled residents and staff.
  • Border workers plus quarantined people.

Agreement for the Covid-19 Vaccination

The Australian government has made sure that the vaccine they provide to people is safe and does not affect their immunity and harm them in any way. The Australian government has engaged in four different contracts for the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccination.

The Australian government has invested $363 million to research an effective vaccine formula. Additionally, the government further invested $3.3 billion in these four covenants to safely induce the vaccine in Australia.

The therapeutic goods administration (TGA) has approved Pfizer’s vaccine after a lengthy and complicated process that justifies its effectiveness. The TGA is further investigating and gathering data about the vaccine to strengthen its approval and testing quality.

You can register yourself by visiting their website.

It has been decided that initially, 10 million doses would be given in early 2021. There are some figures which are essential to be considered:

  • Australia has fortified $53.8 million doses for covid-19.
  • Fifty million doses would be manufactured within a month in different batches. The CSL would be accountable for the manufacturing of dosages on the behalf of AstraZeneca.

The Variants of Covid-19

With time, COVID-19 has mutated into several variants and exhibited different symptoms. Besides, the experts say that the current COVID-19 vaccine – like the one manufactured by Pfizer-would also help treat the capricious symptoms of COVID-19. However, continuous mutation of the virus may compromise the effectiveness of the vaccine in the long run.

The rollout for COVID-19 has been started despite a few uncertain things the government is still working on and is very likely to succeed.

La Deep Majumdar

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