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What do Australians miss the most about life before lockdown?

 What do Australians miss the most about life before lockdown?

According to the latest reports, the Victorians have revealed that they miss golf and tennis, shopping and going out for recreation. They miss their social life more than anything else. According to a survey, more than 60 per cent of Victorians want a green signal for playing golf. Same was the ratio for people who opted for shopping and playing tennis. Fifty per cent were in favour of going to the zoo and enjoying indoors. People are craving for beach walks and outdoor activities.


People were asked about three things they miss the most during the lockdown. Victorians mentioned that they miss socialisation, travelling and dining out with family. Fifteen per cent said that they miss going to the gym. But in all these restrictions, Victorians are satisfied with their Government and its response towards the pandemic. A report also stated that 34 per cent of the Victorians were not pleased with the political leaders’ role in the pandemic. They miss spending their money, and now many Victorians have been forced to save money during the lockdown. This pandemic has badly hit the economy, but they are now hoping for better days to come.

Gaurav Malhotra

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