Holi Festival Australia

Damien Peters


Art of Sneezing!

Aaarghh!! The Queen!! How does she do it? I thought, with a pinch of envy though, as I was struggling to cope with a fit of sneezing. My remark had a lot to do with an article I had read sometime back on how the ever-so-graceful monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, at 76, manages to maintain...Read More


The Super Women Club

Today, almost four decades into the ‘men-and-women-are-equal’ pity-talk, we meet some superwomen who have found the perfect balance between managing their homes and achieving their career goals. In a typical three-bedroom house, the mother of a teenage son is seated opposite her husband who is sipping his usual cup of hot tea behind The Times...Read More

Health & Fitness Opinion

Cure Bad Breath

Have you ever heard from one of your friends that he/she broke up because of bad breath of the partner? A study conducted in United Kingdom revealed that at least 9% of relationships are broken over bad breath. Isn’t it surprising that a problem with many simple solutions leads to such a disaster? So what...Read More


20 Ways to Keep the Tax Demon Down!

There are two inescapable things we all have to face in our lives; first one is fate and the second one, the more unavoidable one, the taxes! From time to time new strategies are rolled out to maximise tax benefits according to changing market scenarios and tax policies. Some businesses go all the way to...Read More