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Embracing Diversity – Australia’s Growing Affection for India and Its People

Historical and Cultural Ties Australia, with its vibrant multicultural fabric, has seen a growing affection for India and its people, rooted in shared histories as former British colonies. This shared past has fostered mutual respect and understanding, setting the stage for a rich bilateral relationship. The Indian Diaspora in Australia The Indian diaspora in Australia...Read More

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The Great Aussie Supplement Hoax: Are We Swallowing More Than We Should?

In the land Down Under, we’re known for our active lifestyles, love for the outdoors, and a diet that often includes healthy doses of Vegemite, fresh seafood, and seasonal produce. Yet, there’s a burgeoning industry that’s feeding off our insecurities about health: the nutritional supplement market. Aussies are spending millions annually on vitamins, minerals, and...Read More

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Why the Australian government must adjust immigration quotas to necessitate high-skilled workers in the technological sector?

Technology holds the key to an increasingly incredible future’- The statement certainly proves to be true with the expansion of artificial intelligence and machine learning. No wonder, within a period of a decade or two, there have been tremendous advancements in terms of IoTs (Internet of Things), virtual reality, chatbots, facial recognition, robotics, self-driving cars,...Read More


Garam Masala Chocolate Cake Recipe

This Garam Chocolate Cake recipe was the Blue Ribbon Winner at the 2016 World Food Championship. The Garam spice blend can add an incredible flavour to cakes. The original ‘Garam’ recipe was experimented in cupcakes, but today you can find it in standard cakes as well. Regardless of how you choose to cook it, this...Read More

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#BoycottTanishq Trending in India

Indian jewellery company Tanishq has sparked debate with its recent advertising campaign featuring an interfaith family. The advert was designed to showcase their new range, Ekatvam, which means unity. The slogan being “the beauty of oneness.” The 45-second clip shows a Muslim family throwing a traditional Hindu baby shower for their Hindu daughter-in-law. The daughter...Read More