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Made in India Magazine | September 20, 2021

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Natural Beauty Tips & Tricks - Women's Fashion & Beauty Magazines

How to Do an At-Home Facial Treatment for Dull, Dehydrated Skin

August 16, 2021 |

I love to give myself an at-home facial treatment once every week, especially when I’ve got the time or whenever I feel bothered about my skin.

And guess what? It’s pretty easy. You, too, can do the same for your … Read More

Is it time to Jamsu?

June 28, 2021 |

Ever heard of Jamsu? If not, you are not alone. However, as it is gaining in popularity, the chances are you soon will. Originating in Korea, the beauty hack first came to prominence in 2018 when beauty blogger Huda … Read More

Can You Lose Weight Only by Exercising?

May 22, 2021 |

At its simplest, losing weight is about calories taken in versus calories burned. However, it is a bit more complicated than that. Spending an extra 30 minutes on the treadmill will not cure other bad habits that fuel your … Read More

Whiter than white

February 15, 2020 |

One of the most obvious signs of ageing is yellowing teeth. Nothing says ‘I am past it’ louder than that flash of yellow that accompanies your smile. So it’s no surprise that more and more people are attaching importance to … Read More

Five essential tricks for clear skin

January 30, 2020 |

They say beauty is but skin deep. But for most of us, a clear skin is the primary requirement if we’re to make a good impression. As schedules shrink and the pace of life quickens, we’re more and more … Read More

Revlon needs a company makeover; seeks help of Goldman-Sachs

August 5, 2019 |

We all know Revlon as the famous American beauty and cosmetics company. Founded in 1932, they have since acquired many brands and expanded their label. However, in the recent years, they have failed to sustain popularity and … Read More

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