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Made in India Magazine | September 25, 2021

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Is it impossible to beat cancer?

Is it impossible to beat cancer?

| On 06, Feb 2020

Many people have fought the battle with cancer without knowing if they were going to end victorious; it is a big myth that cancer is an invincible disease and that once it knocks on your door, there is no turning back for you. However, we can find take motivation from many famous characters who have emerged successfully from this impasse and have managed to set a precedent in the world, giving hope to people who may be currently suffering from this disease. We’re going to introduce you to three stories of famous women who were able to create a life after cancer’s impact on their lives:

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John

The famous Australian singer and actress, who had an incredible effect on the American market with her great success “Physical,” was about to release what would be her next single when she got diagnosed with breast cancer. This incident took her to leave altogether her scheduled touring and meant a new phase for her life where she devoted himself to treating the disease. Olivia was always very cheerful and positive, even though she had a very delicate tumour for her health, this did not stop her, and she dedicated herself to fight. Today, Olivia’s teaching is about how to maintain a positive attitude in the face of problems and diseases. Now she is an activist dedicated to studying how to prevent cancer, helped to found a crucial medical centre focused on the cure of this disease, called “Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center.”

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts

The presenter of the program called “ABC’s Good morning America,” had to suffer two intense battles that left her on the verge of death. In 2007, she got diagnosed with breast cancer. After a year, she was able to overcome it. In 2012, again, her life was put into on the edge of death for the second time. The key to overcoming this in a second time was his healthy habits since long before, not smoking, eating healthy, and daily exercise. Today despite continuing in intensive care, cancer has left his life.

"Fran" Drescher

“Fran” Drescher

Francine Joy, better known as Fran Drescher, is an actress, comedian, screenwriter, producer, director, and activist from the United States. She is very famous for playing the character nanny “Fran Fine” in the comedy “The Nanny.” After numerous exams in 2000, she founds that she has uterine cancer. After successfully passing this stage of his life, she decided to write a book where she talks about cancer and gives techniques on how to overcome it.

The key in these three specific stories is how, under adversity, these women managed to take a great opportunity. Precisely, the desire to overcome, to move forward, and that love for themselves motivates them today to be world leaders and, as mentioned above, brings hope to the world. Today February 4th, International Cancer Day, I want to tell you, don’t give up, keep fighting, and use your story to inspire the whole world as these three women did.

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