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Two Brothers Establish the Australian Indian Orchestra

Last year, Sydney-based brothers Sagar and Suraj Nagaraj were involved in a string orchestra, performing works by great composers such as Tchaikovsky and Mahler. But what caught their audience’s attention were Suraj’s orchestral arrangements of music from Bollywood films. The audience’s love for this blend of music was a revelation for the brothers. As Sagar...Read More

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7 bizarre festivals that you may not know about

One of the distinguishing characteristics of India is the festivals that people celebrate across the country throughout the year. Also, due to the diverse communities, religions, and customs, different states have varied festivities. However, a few are unusual and lesser-known; some have their origin at least a century back, while others are a decade old....Read More

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Top 8 replicas of the Taj Mahal across the world

Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world and an excellent example of Mughal architecture that combines Ottoman, Turkish, and Indian architecture elements. Mughal emperor Shah Jahan commissioned the construction in 1632, and it took twenty-two years to complete it. The structure is an ivory-white mausoleum situated on the right bank of...Read More