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Yoga Mudras and Their Intrinsic Benefits

 Yoga Mudras and Their Intrinsic Benefits

The term ‘mudra’ means ‘seal’ or ‘closure’ in Sanskrit. When performed, Yoga Mudras essentially look like complete closed gestures of the hand that impact the flow of energy within the body. Hence, practicing yoga and performing ‘Hatha Yoga’ impacts the mental and spiritual well-being of the body. There are many mudras that have specific benefits for each vital process of the human body and are therefore important in preserving the health of organs such as the nervous system, glands and the various organs. A lot of diseases and illnesses are known to be cured through performing hatha yoga in a disciplined and regular manner.

The human body is basically made up of five basic elements, the sky, air, water, earth and fire. All these five elements are known to be controlled through our fingers through the mudras, as they help in adjusting these five elements to their correct proportions. When performing these yoga mudras, make sure that you sit in an upright lotus position or the Padmasan. You could even sit in the Sukhasan or upright position as per your convenience. Another thing to keep in mind is that your fingers should be kept straight when performing the mudras and you must also avoid the intake of betel leaves, alcohol and tobacco for best results. Here are the ten mudras, besides many others, which can provide you with tremendous health benefits if performed properly and regularly.

1 Gyan Mudra1. Gyan Mudra

How: This yoga mudra is performed by touching the tip of your thumb with the tip of your index finger, while keeping the other three fingers straight. The gyan mudra means knowledge and this yoga mudra helps in enhancing wisdom and knowledge.

Benefits: The health benefit derived from Gyan Mudra is that it enhances the memory and the brain’s functions. It also helps in increasing concentration and ensures sound sleep. If performed regularly, this mudra can help in relieving you from various psychological illnesses like depression, anxiety, stress, migraines and hysteria.

Vayu Mudra2. Vayu Mudra

How: This yoga mudra is performed by bending your index finger so as to touch the base of the thumb and pressing it down while keeping the remaining three fingers straight yet relaxed. ‘Vayu’ essentially means ‘air’ and this mudra helps keep flatulence in check and other diseases related to the imbalance of the air element within the body.

Benefits: The health benefit derived from Vayu Mudra is that it helps cure flatulence, gastritis and various pains in the joints such as gout, arthritis, sciatica and rheumatism. It also helps cure the tremors and seizures that occur in patients with Parkinson’s disease and with paralysis, cervical spondylitis and spasms of the neck.

Shoonya Mudra3. Shoonya Mudra

How: For performing this mudra, bend the middle finger towards the thumb so that it actually touches the base of the thumb, while keeping the other fingers are relaxed and straight.

Benefits: This mudra is very good for providing relief for an earache. It is effective in getting rid of lethargy and is good for people with hearing problems, vertigo, travel sickness, gum problems, throat problems, thyroid and also for those who are mentally challenged.

Prithivi Mudra4. Prithivi Mudra

How: The Prithvi Mudra is performed by placing the tip of the thumb on the tip of the ring finger by exerting a little pressure and the other fingers should be straight and relaxed.

Benefits: The main benefit of this mudra is that it provides strength to the body and helps in overcoming lethargy. It also has spiritual benefits as it helps increase positivity and releases the mind from stress and negative thoughts. The Prithvi Mudra helps the body overcome vitamin deficiency and indigestion.

Surya Mudra5. Surya Mudra

How: This mudra is done by pressing the ring finger to the base of the thumb with pressure, while keeping the other three fingers straight.

Benefits: This mudra helps to cure problems related to the liver, cholesterol, diabetes, weight loss and also strengthens the body. It also helps to improve body metabolism and to treat common cold.

Varun Mudra6. Varun Mudra

How: This mudra is performed by pressing the tip of the middle finger to the top of the thumb, while keeping the remaining fingers straight.

Benefits: The Varun Mudra helps in curing skin dryness, blood diseases and also adds a glow to your face. It helps to maintain a balance of fluids within the body.

Apan Mudra7. Apan Mudra

How: This mudra is done by pressing the tips of the index and middle fingers with less pressure against the inside of the thumb’s tip, while the other fingers are straight. It is also known as the purification mudra.

Benefits: The Apan Mudra helps in curing nervous disorders, constipation and fissures, diabetics, kidney problems, high blood pressure, flatulence, anuria and tooth decay. It is also effective in childbirth.

Apan Vayu Mudra8. Apan Vayu Mudra

How: The Apan Vayu Mudra is performed by pressing the tip of the index finger with less pressure against the base of the thumb while the middle and ring fingers against the inside of the thumb’s tip.

Benefits: This mudra is good for people who have had a heart attack as it helps in strengthening the heart. In fact, it is also considered to be a lifesaver during a heart attack. It is also helpful in curing asthma, migraine, high blood pressure and gastroenteritis.

Pran Mudra9. Pran Mudra

How: The Pran Mudra is performed by touching the tips of the little finger and the ring finger against the thumb’s tip and pressing it there.

Benefits: This mudra has a holistic benefit of curing all body parts and is also good for the eyes. It activates the body’s dormant energy. It also helps to strengthen the immune system.

Ling Mudra10. Ling Mudra

How: This mudra is done by making a fist and keeping the thumb of the left hand in a straight position. The Ling Mudra helps to increase the element of fire within the body.

Benefits: This mudra helps in curing/relieving sinusitis, paralysis, low blood pressure, cold and cough. Hence, it helps to boost the immune system and combat the problems related to it.


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