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Why Australians need to reassess their relationship with alcohol

What is that one “thing” that people often use to signify the celebration during any formal or informal event? We cannot conclude any party without this “thing.” Alcohol is synonymous with celebrating joyous times, be it a birthday party, hanging out with friends, or sitting at home and destressing. Weekend night outs with friends for...Read More

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India’s Magic Train Saving Lives

If you are a cynic who doesn’t believe in miracles, talk to the people who are alive because of India’s ‘Magic Train’; your attitude may change. Lifeline Express, or Jeevan Rekha Express, is a hospital on wheels, the first of its kind. It travels to India’s remotest districts to provide medical help to the most...Read More

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Nurse unethically receives $100k from a patient, Sees Licence Suspended

Mr Nitin C, who has been working as a nurse for the past seven to eight years, was reprimanded by a three-member bench of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. The main allegations concern receiving or accepting an amount of $100,000 from a patient. According to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, Nitin has...Read More

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Meet the Australian-Indian Scientist shortlisted for the Superstars of STEM

Dr Parwinder Kaur has been shortlisted as one of Australia’s 2021-2022 “Superstars of STEM” for her work saving endangered animals by researching their DNA. The biotechnologist from The University of Western Australia believes this great honour will propel her career and help young women pursue careers similar to hers. Kaur, who is of Indian heritage,...Read More

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Women tend to go all out with their hair colours in the summer months. With warmer weather and many outdoor events and festivals, women can be seen rocking nearly every bright colour under the sun. There truly are no limits. When fall arrives, everyone goes back to their more toned-down neutral colours. But who says...Read More