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National experts not consulted on curfew

The Government did not consult the national health regulatory authority for implementing the curfew in Victoria. Deputy Chief of the medical division has stated that the Government did not discuss the control measures with the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC), and now they are facing challenging consequences. He further added that it was a...Read More

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Melbourne’s harsh lockdown could end weeks early.

There has been a significant decrease in the coronavirus cases from the previous months. According to reports, coronavirus cases in Melbourne have been reduced to the lowest number during the last 24 hours. The officials have announced that the daily cases will reduce to 30-50 per day onwards. Citizens will have relief as the lockdown...Read More

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After three days of no cases of community-spread COVID-19, restrictions on weddings and school sports activities are set to be eased

Social Distancing – a phrase new to many people at the start of the year is now a very familiar one in the vocabulary of everyone across Australia; with governments around the world imposing restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The battle against the virus rages on, but the restrictions are beginning...Read More

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Regional Victoria’s Lockdown Eased as COVID-19 Cases Decline

As the statewide COVID-19 numbers decrease, regional Victoria’s lockdown has eased with the relaxing of some restrictions. Regional Victoria took its first steps out of lockdown on Monday, with small changes to the rules across the state allowing for more social interaction and more time outside. As of Monday 14th September, the start time of...Read More

News Australia Covid 19 Indians in Australia Indians in Melbourne

What could Stage 5 restrictions mean for Melbourne?

Stage 4 restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria were announced on August 2, bringing with it even stricter rules than the previous strategy. Citizens are now prohibited from travelling outside an area of 5km radius from their home and restricted to one hour of physical exercise. There is also an 8 pm curfew across...Read More