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Westpac hit with a record-breaking fine – how does it compare to others?

If individuals get punished for breaking the law, so does corporate bodies. Westpac, one of the big fours, headquartered in Sydney has been slammed with a record-breaking fine of $1.3 billion over money laundering and child exploitation breaches. This is the largest ‘civil penalty‘ issued in Australia’s corporate history, leaving many people’s mouth agape because...Read More

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Survivors of novel Coronavirus: Calling this Army of Immune to help save us from deadly COVID-19

People who saved themselves from this virus are being called to save the infected people by using their immunity as their shield. COVID-19 survivors can freely mingle with other people, and therefore, this army of immune is being called to work as frontline health workers for the welfare of others. The survivors of coronavirus in...Read More

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Scott Morrison: Is He The Prime Minister Australia Needed?

Scott Morrison started his tenure as the Australian Prime Minister in August 2018 after getting through the chaotic period of political infighting and surprise twists. The poor opinion polls made some people believe that the government would be re-elected. Though it didn’t happen, Morrison has surely started being recognised as a shrewd and pragmatic political...Read More