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Seven Golden Rules for Single Australian Women to Own Their Finances

In today’s world, financial independence isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a necessity, especially for single women. Whether you’re single by choice, circumstance, or as a transitional phase, your financial security should never take a backseat. In Australia, where the cost of living continues to rise, being financially savvy is not just advisable – it’s essential....Read More

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Restore Virginity in 40 Minutes? Shut up & Take my Money!

In a quiet corner of Kolkata, Dr Indrani Lodh, a renowned gynecologist, meets a hesitant female patient one morning. This seemingly ordinary encounter unravels a complex tapestry woven from societal norms, modern medicine, and cultural expectations. Dr Indrani specialises in gynecology, a field that navigates the intimate landscape of women's health and well-being.Read More


Where Did All The Women Go?

We rarely stop to think how lucky we are to be here in Australia, if at all. But, if you are a female born in India, you may find yourself running out of luck sooner or later. The simple fact is that daughters born in India (and other parts of Asia) are frequently considered a...Read More


The Super Women Club

Today, almost four decades into the ‘men-and-women-are-equal’ pity-talk, we meet some superwomen who have found the perfect balance between managing their homes and achieving their career goals. In a typical three-bedroom house, the mother of a teenage son is seated opposite her husband who is sipping his usual cup of hot tea behind The Times...Read More