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Shane ‘Steve’ Warne in another name-calling controversy

Retired professional cricketer Shane Warne has recently landed himself in hot water during his commentary at the Adelaide Test match between Australia and India, which was shown on Fox Sports. During day one of the first test, the 51-year-old referred to the Indian batsman, Pujara Cheteshwar as “Steve” on multiple occasions.  The previously beloved cricket...Read More

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Indians Majority Contributors to Australia’s Multicultural Powerhouse

With the dangers of COVID-19 as well as the sociological impact of it on global life, immigration has become a more complex issue than it already was. For a great nation like Australia, which thrives on a varied, multicultural population, this presents quite a problem. Fortunately, with a wealth of unique and creative ways of...Read More

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Melbourne’s harsh lockdown could end weeks early.

There has been a significant decrease in the coronavirus cases from the previous months. According to reports, coronavirus cases in Melbourne have been reduced to the lowest number during the last 24 hours. The officials have announced that the daily cases will reduce to 30-50 per day onwards. Citizens will have relief as the lockdown...Read More

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Education Industry is feeling the Coronavirus heat, as 450 jobs are cut at the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne, one of the world’s top five universities and part of the prestigious Group of Eight, has lost nearly $1 billion during the pandemic and is now cutting 450 jobs in a bid to protect the institution’s finances. This is in line with other universities all across Australia and the globe, which...Read More

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Where to celebrate ‘Holi’ in Australia

Are you an Indian who has just landed in Australia? Or you have been living in Australia for a long time and want to enjoy the upcoming Holi. Be it any reason; you would be amazed to know that Australia celebrates different cultures as well as makes allowances for the Indian community to celebrate their festival...Read More